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Thread: need to pee multiple times at night

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    Default need to pee multiple times at night

    Ok so for the last fees months almost every night I have to wake up and go pee really bad like emergency. Is this something to be concerned about? I haven't changed anything I don't drink more or anything what scares me is that I am waking up seconds before I think I would wet the bed which hasn't happened yet. I did wet the bed as a kid till like I was 13 though just wondering.

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    I'm not a dr. But there is a whole bunch of things that could cause excess urine production at night.

    Ranging from stress to diabetes to cancer...

    Not to worry is most likely not a big deal...and I'm sure anyone responding will say that given the lack of pertinent information it woul be just a guess.

    So I'll ask...

    Your age.
    Any new medications including herbals.
    Any change in diet.
    Any change in your sleeping schedule.
    Any change as to stress.
    Any change as to tiredness or feeling weak.
    Any change in life status...ex. New gf or such.

    I'm sure if you go through the list you'll answer your question yourself most likely.

    If not and it is continuing I for see a dr. visit, and no I'm not psychic!

    Most of the time the change will be obvious to anoutsider that knows you well too...sometimes big changes seem to not be noticed by a first person...

    Anyhow. Let us know what you figure out or if you are still stymied.

    Good hunting...

    Hope it's just nothing...

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    Just to reinforce the reply from Bigbabybret - your headline said you have to get up to pee multiple times and that the need is urgent when it happens. I think this might mean a visit to the doctor could be advisable because (as I understand it) the doc will be interested in anything that represents a unexpected change in the way your urinary system is working - Either he/she can check that there is nothing wrong and leave things as they are, or he/she might find a minor cause that could be corrected quite easily. The other thing to bear in mind is that the disturbed sleep won't be doing you any favours and might even - after a little while - contribute to the problem. This is just the sort of situation where one of the commonly used drugs can often make a real difference.

    If you see a doc now you will know where you stand and they won't regard you as someone who is just worrying over nothing - what you describe is unusual enough to merit checking out.

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    I to am not a doctor nor to I play one on T.V., but if this is something that is really bothering you and your sleep, I would like the others have said, seek medical advice. bigbabybret has given most if not all the important points and information.
    Now what you do with this information will be up to you. I personally we be getting in to see the doctor, but before I go, I would have ready the following items,

    1. a report/list of how many times a night you do get up to go, keep this log for at least a week and or all the way up to the doctor appointment.
    2. keep a diary of what you are eating and drinking, include what time you consume the items.
    3. keep a diary of how many times you use the bathroom during the day and record if any of those times are urgent or anything else unusual.
    4. make note of all the stressful things going on now that may have not been going on a few weeks to months before this started.

    If you take this information with you, it will help the doctors out. If you don't they may just ask you to go home, and record all this and then return with the results. I know this because this is what I had to go through when I first started seeing a doctor about my incontinence.

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    If it continues, please see a doctor. There are many things that can cause this. When you go, do you pee a lot? if not, you could have something restricting the bladder. Do you drink a lot of tea? This is a diuretic.

    Point is, online research does not replace the doctor's skill or tests.

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