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Thread: A Big Accident.

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    Default A Big Accident.

    Ok so here I am just sitting in my room watching Batman Beyond when out of nowhere I got the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. I jumped up and made my way for the bathroom slightly hunched over due to tight cramps in my stomach. I barely made it out the door when the pains got drastically worse. I doubled over and without warning (besodes the severe abdominal pains), I messed myself. Luckily I had two drynites on at the time but as many of you know they can be easily deemed insufficient in those kind of situations. This kind of thing has never happened to me before other than the occasional wet night but never anything during the day and never THAT severe. So shoulf I be worried about this? It happened yesterday and I'm a little scared. Ive been wearing Drynites since the incident just in case and I'm really worried. Has this ever happened to anyone else that doesnt have a history of daytime incontinence?

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    Probably a one off thing caused by something you ate. If it happens with any regularity you should talk to a doctor to figure out what is causing it.

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    I had some similar accidents like that when I was younger but that was because I used to hold it in too long and eventually the body will always win that argument.... Maybe you eat something funny and your body didnt like it. Anyway, I wouldnt worry unless it happens again, and if it does, get it checked out by your GP.

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    Agree - nothing to worry about - happens to almost everyone, and if everyone who had this kind of accident once in a blue moon started wearing diapers "just to be on the safe side" the pharmacy shelves would be empty!

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    Thanks guys for the reassurance I'll post back here in worst case senario that it happens again.

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    It will happen again...but hopefully not soon....

    I rarely cook and eat out most of the time...

    You can get a bad piece of food, or just something didn't agree with you...

    It happens to just about everyone once in a while....

    Or perhaps you stumbled across the marshmallow thread .... Just kiddin !

    Don't worry unless it becomes a regular thing...


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    Probably something you ate. It's pretty normal like that. Happened to me the other day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    Or perhaps you stumbled across the marshmallow thread .... Just kiddin !
    OMG.. thanks.. that one made my night!

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