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Thread: Meeting in real life

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    Default Meeting in real life

    I have agreed to meet a guy I meet on a scandinavian ABDL-site in real life.
    I'm not homosexual, but I have a strong need to try some of my fantasies about diapers, and I don't mind to experiment with that. One of the reasons why its important for me to "live out" my fantasies, is because i'm having difficulties not thinking of it ( when it comes to sex). I think if I try it, I will soon find out if it's someting i should do, or if it's just one of those fantasies thats best to only think of. 18 months ago I also tried to meet a guy I met on the forum, but i chickend out after 5 minutes. I still regret that, cause i didn't really find out if that was something i could enjoy, or if it was just a fantasy.

    My question to you is really: what do you think about meeting someone in real life? Has anyone ever done it, and how did it go?
    I must also say that I know how he looks, i'm not gonna do any bondage or anyting like that (wich would make me reallu vulnerable), and I know how to handle myself (or I think I do). You may thinks it a bit daring to met a random guy for diaper play, but i feel a strong urge to do it.

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    I think that if you're going to meet up with someone, make precautions just in case they are some crazy kidnapper or something...Like have it set up so someone will call you or you will call them at a scheduled time...Go with someone else if you can, or have them around until they know you aren't being kidnapped...Or you should meet up in a public place, and not like some back alley or something...I don't think first meetings are good to start off doing diaper play and all that...I think they should be more for getting to know the person before you go doing things like that, but you can do what you want...

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    On the topic of meeting people IRL there's an interesting article in the wiki that covers most of the useful suggestions for cases like yours:
    Meeting with others - ADISC Answers Wiki

    As for me, I haven't been brave enough yet to meet up with someone IRL. The area where I live is not exactly crowded with DLs, and some of these few look really creepy... Then, I chatted with some guys in my age range that souned quite nice and live not too far from me, but in the end we never arranged to meet.

    Another thing that keeps me from meeting with others is that I'm very picky and it'd be quite awkward for me to share a so intimate part of me with someone I don't find, to say the least, "interesting", both in a psychological and physical sense. It takes time to convince myself to uncover.... and when I do so, it usually has passed so much time from the first online contact that both of us have lost interest.

    But then at the same time I burn with envy everytime I read about other people's successful and playful meetings, I bite my tongue and curse to myself for being such a chicken, etc... etc... etc.... I guess I'm complicate this way.......

    As for your meeting, play safe and have a great time!

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    I agree with Pojo I always meet someone from the Internet at a public place. When I have meet a fellow AB/DL we meet at a eating establishment and this has worked out good so far. I don't give my address or personal information like that until I have met a few more times ,and feel comfortable with them. The main thing its all about common sense and feeling comfortable in who you are going to meet.

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    I've never met anybody in Real Life, But if someday will happens, I must know the person I'm going to met, chatted with him a lot and and be sure who he/she is (not a liar, saying she is 20, but he is 60).

    I Agree with Pojo too: public place and diaper later.

    Another thing, It could be good if you share the same interests beside diapers, so you are not obliged to talk about diapers.

    Good Luck

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    I met up with johnaton we had just a day at a car show, it was great, we talked a little on the phone and on line before we met.

    Then I met with johnaton and drew, and we did a day at a museum and a go kart track, I would do it again.

    just be careful meet in a public place and get to know the guy before you decide you can trust him.

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    In summation:

    • Be absolutely sure this person is who they say they are. You can check by asking other people they may know, swapping images, talking over the phone, voice-chat or even webcam.

    • Get to know this person a little bit online first. If anything about them comes across as weird or creepy, don't jump into a meetup. Hang out for a little while longer and gather some information.

    • Meet in a public place and stay in a public place until you are comfortable with them and certain they are safe. If they show up and something about them is different or they give you a really bad vibe, being in a public place will allow you to leave the situation. If the person really is a creep, I doubt they would want to draw attention.

    • Walk around a bit, get something to eat and talk for a while. It's one thing knowing the person online, but they can be much different IRL. Remember, discussion doesn't have to be about diapers or infantilism. Actually get to know this person.

    • When you do feel confident in going somewhere private, remember that you don't have to do anything you don't want. If there is something you aren't comfortable with, tell them beforehand and set the boundaries.

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    I've only met one other DL in person (recently, actually). We met in a coffee shop downtown and basically just talked for hours (and also walked around the city). We plan on meeting up again and he knows another DL as well that may join.... totally unrelated activities to anything ABDL, just some people hanging out who have similar interests.

    I would suggest taking it slow and meeting in public (even talking on the phone or skype before that!). Make sure you are comfortable with this person before doing anything in private.

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    Well, I've video-chatted with him, and I've talked to him for a couple of months. He seems okay, but we are going to meet in a cafè near him. We have agreed what we are going to do when we meets, so we booth know what boundaries we have.

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    Well thats good atleast your not like me I joined a form about a month ago and I;m meeting like 10 members from it august 1-3

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