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Thread: newb to the site. Anyone here from British Columbia, jus curious

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    Default newb to the site. Anyone here from British Columbia, jus curious

    Want to make some new friends, and possibly stop feeling like i'm soo weird and disconnected from society. I am constantly forced to hide who i am internally from the normal world, it'd be nice to know that i'm not the only diaper lover around my area. not saying that i'm looking to hook up, but knowing i'm no the only one or chatting would def. is the goal. So hit me up

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    You're definitely not the only one in Vancouver specifically or in the general northwest area (Vancouver is a great city, btw). I know that feeling of having nowhere to vent that part of yourself or even talk about other things with people who know. I found this to be the best site for me for that and maybe it will be good for you as well. The best way to connect with people is to interact with the community through posting. I hope you'll be able to find much to interest you here. There's certainly more going on than just diapers. Maybe you can tell us a bit more about the rest of you aside from diapers. This thread has a lot of good cues for that. Hope to hear back.

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    well I'm 22, studying psychology in University... hmm I'm Chirish... jkjk i'm really here to find a sense of community when I've always felt like I was part of the group but wasn't supposed to be... I came to this site to make friends, see if their experiences were the same or similar to mine... I want to become more comfortable with the parts of my personality that are more counterculture. To give you an idea of who I am it'll take more than a paragraph introduction, but i dolove food, cooking and eating it hahaha. I guess one of my biggest issues is finding interest, or accepting my interests so part of the purpose i'm on this site is to tackle that issue. Im pretty shy at first, but I'm pretty good at responding or answering questions, I just am really bad at the introductions part...

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