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    Lately I've been quite reflective. Mulling over current events in which my life was in jeopardy I've found myself rather preoccupied.

    I do not consider myself unique or overly burdened by life experiences. Indeed I know many other people who have experienced tragedies far beyond anything I've dreaded. I also have a strong belief in the tapestry of life and that all of our experiences end up woven together to make us who and what we are.

    Now to my questions.

    Do you ever wish that you could omit portions of your life rather than deal with them?

    Likewise, upon further reflection, would you take the chance of irreparably altering the core of your being by pulling on a loose thread only to unravel a large portion of your personality, altering your ethics, or failing to influence someone and causing a butterfly effect of which the changes may be wide spread and detrimental?

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    I know exactly what you're saying Khaymen. I feel like I've thrown my life away by becoming a church music director. I never went to that large, great church as a head choir director, but instead, have been in smaller situations, never having the musical opportunities which I certainly was capable of handling. If I had it to do over, I would be tempted to go into the medical field. In fact, before I went into music, I thought about becoming a doctor.

    If I had done that, however, I never would have gone to Ohio, first church, and met my wife. I wouldn't have started my family, so I don't regret my decisions. I think something far greater than me was watching out for my better interests, and uses me where I'm needed. There's a reason for everything, and I believe that reward of being where I should be, will come after death.

    As for your recent experience, who can say what positive thing may come out of it. Perhaps you have put an end to this individual's outrageous acts. Perhaps it was a wake up call for him and the others there. We always learn more from our mistakes. Hold your head high and don't give up on your ministry. You're part of the great plan just as I have been. We simply can't see it. At least we can't for the most part.

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    That's so true, I believe Him to be all powerful and every situation in our lives for those who "are called according to His purpose" is all apart of a greater plan thats main purpose it to bring Him all praise, he gave us EVERYTHING out of grace and we owe Him all praise in the least. It's our human nature and very small understanding of the greater purpose that He has for us to seek out understanding of the purpose of the little things, even and some times more so the bad things that have happened in our lives that are in His greater plan. We won't ever have full knowledge and scope of He really is while on this earth, but that why we pray for wisdom from Him. It makes me smile everytime I think about how awesome and great He truly is

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