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Thread: you tube channels anyone?

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    Default you tube channels anyone?

    What You Tube channels do you guys subscribe and watch frequently?

    I for one grew up playing video games, so retrogaming videos like that of this guy (‪JamesNintendoNerd's Channel‬‏ - YouTube) are always awesome.

    And there is this other guy (‪retrorant's Channel‬‏ - YouTube) who is hilarious for anyone who grew up playing pokemon. He really goes into some funny and weird things about those games. through him i also found this guy: watch?v= erV1ERyy844 (remove spaces to get valid URL) : Cat's Don't Dance - The Modern Gafa‬‏ - YouTube[/URL] he's like JUST started but it's been great so far. there is a wonderful joke in there for you furries in the first episode.

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    I like Surelog's minecraft channel. Also FreddieW and FreddieW 2 post cool videos every week.

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