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Thread: I am so unlucky

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    Default I am so unlucky

    Wow I am so unlucky. My mom is going away for most of next week so I will be at home alone and I usually have a lot of spare money but I used up the last of my money on games so I guess I can't buy any diapers now I know to save more money in the future to buy diapers.

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    Ooo, unlucky. Oh well, there could be worse things, I'm sure you'll have a great time doing other things while your home alone......just think of all those things you wanted to do that you couldnt because your mum was home...well now you can. Have fun!

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    At least you will be able to surf the Internet in absolute peace without the fear of someone walking in on you!

    Enjoy your freedom!


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    Can't you borrow some money from someone you know, or possibly use a credit or debit card.

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    Return the viedo games. Diapers are so much better anyways.

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    My parents were just away for this past week. I had a very fun time (if you know what I mean).

    *laughs at legobaby* ha ha ha ha... ... ha

    I'm just kidding! You know I'm not that mean. You could ask your mom for food money just incase you go out with your friends. Then use that to get some goodnights or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p
    You could ask your mom for food money just incase you go out with your friends. Then use that to get some goodnights or something.
    Great minds think alike. You know your mum. Find a way to convince her to leave you some money. I'd aim for around 20 pounds, which will usually cover a trip to somewhere like Pizza Hut and a trip to the cinema. And will still leave you some money after you get your diapers.

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    What I've done many when I didn't want to buy a whole package of diapers if I only would use a couple of them (I don't keep diapers at home), is to go to a pharmacy and ask for free-ones. I would pretend that I was on week-end holiday in the city and forgot to bring me some for bedwetting. Or that I've just started wetting the bed, the doctor said i should wear diapers but I dont know what size/type I should wear. They are always really sympatetic and gives me what I want. I just pretend to be very ashamed of my bedwetting-situation ( and thats true - nothing is more embaressing than asking a hot 20-year old girl about diapers), and pharmacies always have trials of diapers for there situations. You should try that, I've you want diapers.

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    you are really poor this time ! Can you sell something and buy diaper ?

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