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Thread: Which diaper do you wear, adult or baby ones?

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    Default Which diaper do you wear, adult or baby ones?

    I'm equal

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    Adult, seen as I am an adult... well, physically at least!

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    No baby ones fit me.
    I think.
    32/33inch waist?
    Can only think Goodnights.

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    I'm pretty sure most are gonna say adult considering this is the adult baby forum, and most adults can fit into baby diapers.

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    I wear both, mostly Goodnites for the "baby" diapers even if I love to use baby diapers and Pull-Ups as stuffers inside adult diapers too.

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    if i could fit into baby diapers i would but i have to use adult ones.

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    I have tried to alter baby ones to fit, I have a 32/33 inch waste. I am fairly thin but it never works. So I have to say adult ones.

    But the more babish I can get adult ones the better I like them, like bambino teddy.

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    Sorry I vote for the wrong one, only new. How do I fix this, I should have voted adult

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    Baby usually, because they're the only ones readily available to me. I also enjoy the designs.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    32/33inch waist?
    Dan, I'm 36 inches at where my diaper usually rests, and I can fit into a 4T-5T Pull Up. It's a tight fit, but it's not uncomfortable. I'm sure there are sizes out there that would fit you, as they fit me and I'm larger than you.

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