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Thread: Adisc Remix Competition

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    Default Adisc Remix Competition

    Ok so me and Mickal were in irc and came up with an idea for a new contest!!!

    It will be the Adisc Remix Competition!!!!!!

    so basically i will provide the acapella of a certain song, and the participants of this contest will have to remix the song so it can be used in a club type environment. Entries will be judged by your vary own fellow adiscers. This contest will end on Aug. 11th at 11:59 GMT

    so how to get the acapella? well there are 3 ways,

    IRC-you can go on irc and if i or Mickal are on just ask us to send it to you
    MSN MESSANGER-My Msn is [email protected] so u can ask me there
    PRIVATE MESSAGE-simply send me or Mickal a pm and we will find a way to send it!

    Now to post your entry Simply upload your mix to anywhere we can stream or download it from like:

    and also please Submit an emailed copy to me at [email protected] that why when it comes time to vote i can embed them all on one play list

    ps There is no limited amount of entries however if u enter more than one please select one to go in for judging

    Well Have fun!!!

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    This might be interesting! I'd like to give it a shot! It would be a neat little musical project to do for awhile. I'd like a copy to try out, if you guys don't mind!

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    rance i need a way to send it to u
    if u see me on irc let me know or if u have an email pm it to me

    and please no tellin what the song is

    i want it to be a surprise

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    Hmmm a interesting idea. Please just pm me a link to dl the base music.I will most likely enter but i have to see what else i have going on.(job hunt and all)

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    That sound like a pretty good idea , all I need to do right now is to find a song lol

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    Send a copy to me, I'd love to hear the sample.

    Even if I don't produce anything good from it, it might give me some motivation to do something productive.

    If you could upload it somewhere and PM it over, that'd be sweet.

    MegaUpload is a good site.

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    I am interested in this. But I have never remixed anything. However, I haven't touched any music making equpiement or composed anything in years, except in music class. My works were crap, I know. but Deep down I still feel I have allot of potenial in music, despite I know that isnt' realistic! XD

    But Hook me up. Used megaupload or something, Just put it in a passworded rar or zip file with the password being: adisc or something.

    tomorrow, I will start in search or some basic software to do the job.

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