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Thread: Medical Supple Store Run

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    So today I decided to go get some diapers at a local medical supply store because I was running low and needed to restock. Anyways I get to the shop and I've been there before but the women running it didn't recognize me. I called earlier to see what brands they had in stock (They had the Tranquility ATNs which I wanted). So I go in and she greets me at the door saying hi and if I needed anything. So I said I was the one who called earlier about the brands of diapers. She was more than happy to talk with me and show me all the different styles of pull ups and diapers. I got the pack I wanted and carried them over to her desk so she can ring me up. She was talking on and on saying how many people love these diapers and how they recommend them. I was like haha I'm wearing one now as a matter of fact. She smiled and said that's great. Anyways as I go to hand her the money to pay she realizes that she doesn't have enough cash to give me back as change. She wanted me to take the pack and come back and pay her another time. But I was generous and declined and said I will come back when you have the right amount of money. So she was a very nice women and said here take a ton of free sample of the diapers to try them out again and to have some on you for when you come back. I took them and said thank you for her really nice generosity. So all in the end I got out of the store with 7 free Tranqulity ATNs. The people in those stores are really nice.
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    ^^ That's awesome!

    I've found that the medical supply stores tend to have pretty cool people working them. I suppose in this modern age of the internet, they have to compete with customer service, since they're probably a bit higher on price. I had a medical supply store near my old place that used to stock Molicares (about eight years ago now), and when they decided to discontinue carrying that line, they sold me the rest for pennies on the dollar because it turns out I was the only one buying them anyway. After I had my accident and needed legitimate medical supplies for legitimate reasons, I went out of my way to take my business there.

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    Good for you... Although it does confirm what I've said before - medical supply places are a good place to buy from. Certainly less embarrassing than a supermarket.

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    I go to a med supply store around area and get ATNs for less than $10
    a pack and they have a ton of samples so I always grab some while I'm there, theybare definatly one of the best american made store available diapers out there

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    Hmmm, a word of warning. It isn't a free sample if you have to make sure noone is watching and then run out of the store in a hurry before they call the police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Hmmm, a word of warning. It isn't a free sample if you have to make sure noone is watching and then run out of the store in a hurry before they call the police.
    Haha your right i really should grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word free

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    what kind of medical stores are you guys getting molicares and ATN's at? are they chain stores or just local buisnesses?

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    Local businesses, Khayman found molicares at a local independent pharmacy

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    Local med supply store for me, although it's been years since they carried Molicares at that one. I jus order online now, so I don't know if any local stores around here carry anything good these days.

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    I go to a medical supply store thats stocks abena xplus not too far from my parents house. The guy in there is really friendly and has never asked me any questions, I havnt been for a while for i think i pay for 16 a pack.

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