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Thread: How many steps away is everyone from being Homeless?

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    Unhappy How many steps away is everyone from being Homeless?

    Saw a homeless guy walking and thought to myself.." My god, I am literally 2 or 3 steps from ending up just like him."

    It was pretty scary thought. If I lost my job I would be in trouble. Of course, I could go crash at a friends or beg my loser dad to say with him but who wants to do that!

    I would have enough from my savings to last me maybe 2 months ( with credit cards which would destroy my credit score) but maybe less with the way the economy is now. What is worrisome is that the economy will get worse. Even if I applied for Section 8 housing I am sure they would have a waiting list of at least a year. Many of these government housing programs are getting cut these days because the states are bankrupt. You know it is bad when you hear about firefighters and cops being laid off around the country.

    I always see homeless people and try to help out when I am able but today was the first time I really put myself deep in their shoes and thought to myself... any day that could be me.

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    Should hit foreclosure in a few months to a year.

    That answer your question?

    I've made plans though. I Know How much I need to move and what I need to move.

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    Well, it's true that it could happen, but I dunno... Until it happens to me, directly or indirectly, I'll always believe there is a way round it.

    In this day and age, there is no logical reason why one should be homeless - I can only cite their own pride and/or ignorance.

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    been there... at least for a short term.

    I had serious financial problems - (still am paying of part of the damn debt) - couldn't pay my rent... got kicked out of the house...
    spent half a year roaming and working every shit-job I could get... basically living out of my car...
    slowly made my way back up ...

    all in all - it wasn't too bad. honestly I came to know myself a great deal better, I know I survive anywhere, anyhow, anytime.
    I'm no longer afraid of any of this.

    after that I've been living on the proverbial edge for a long enough time...

    these days I do quite ok... still a bit tight on the cash though.
    probably my parents could help me out, but I don't want anyones help with my personal shit.

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    thing of it is we are all at risk to end up homeless but not all are homeless due to debt.i noticed a trend in homelessness witch is,addicts-cant stop doing drugs long enuff to take a shower mutch less get a job.crazy-mental helth issues ether un addressed by the court or un able to be stabilized.bums-work when they need to but prefer to couch hop or travel in groups.the lazy-people that are more than able to work and keep a appartment with food and cloths but dont want to,rather suck up donations and kiss ass to churchs,shelters and others kindness. just my take on it.

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    I always see homeless people and try to help out when I am able but today was the first time I really put myself deep in their shoes and thought to myself... any day that could be me.
    I can't say no to a homeless person, like the time I saw this young woman on the corner holding a sign that read "help the hungry" and her dog tied up to the stop sign. So I felt bad and straped $5 to an unopened Gatorade (via rubberband) and tossed it to her.

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    This kind of thing makes me really greatful for my family. I have a "notsogreat" understanding of things but at the end of the day i have alot of physical disabilities that really limit everything i do. I think without the people who care about me idd be completely doomed. That being said i wouldnt be homeless (since im underage and due to my disabilities i could not survive on the street) however... my living conditions would probably be super bad and most likely idd be in some kinda foster home or type of hospital wing or something. not really a nice thing to think about i guess o.x

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    I don't know what my wife and I would do if Medicare and our hospitalization stopped paying for her dialysis. That bill is 30,000 a month, if you can imagine that! They say that's how it appears on the bill, but it's more like 8,5000., but I wonder, why the dependency? Anyway, would we sell the house and get her a few more months before she would die? This is why when Republicans talk about ending entitlements, it scares the hell out of me.

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    I don't proudly admit it but I live off my parents. Of course I'm young and still in college, so I think it's acceptable. But I shutter to think that should their support somehow get cut off, I'd have no source of income, become unable to pay rent, and suddenly be homeless.

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    My parents have their house paid off. If worse came to worse I would live with them. So I have quite a few steps away from being homeless.

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