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    Over the past few weeks or so my...asshole has been itchy as hell.

    I finally caved and went to the doctor, he said I either have a fungal/yeast infection (I'm a guy btw) or I have pinworms!

    I just pee in my diapers, although they're kinda small for me and I'm sure I sweat lots in them too. Has anyone ever had symptoms like this? I really hope it's just an infection, since that can be treated with topical medicine. If its pinworm I have to tell me roommate since he could get it too, wash my sheets everyday and a ton of other bullshit I just don't wanna deal with.

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    I had a yeast infection on my penis once... My skin was very itchy and somehow felt dry and powdery. They gave me some ointment, and it cleared up. It was very annoying for those two weeks, though, especially when I caught myself ducking around corners to scratch myself. :-( I hope it clears up quickly for you.

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    I was infected by my female on-night-love about 10 years ago. It was some infection of gonorrhea class. The same like Tom Hnaks in the movie "Green mile." And the antibiotics arenīt very good, provocate incomodities of your stomach (it hurts,) because are very strong. In one week it was gone.

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    If it's a yeast infection then it's quite a common thing and nothing to really be too embarassed about, once you've finished treatment it will be completely gone.

    Unfortunantly, it can also come back quite easily aswell. It's caused by a harmless bacteria that lives on the skin entering the body. It's common in any place that is warm and moist (so genitals, arm-pits (if hygeine is questionable) and the nappy area in babies). Usually the body has another natural harmless bacteria that counters this, however if the area in question has been warm and moist for too long (say sitting in a wet nappy for far too long) then the bad bacteria multiplies, kills the good ones, and enters any body cavity it can (so vagina in girls, bum hole in boys, sweat glands etc) thus causing the infection.

    The only thing I can say to you is get better nappies - ones that are a bit more breatable ( so maybe find one that is cloth backed or a has a thinner plastic outer-layer), find ones that fit properly as the wet padding wont be in so much contact with the skin and either get ones that are far more absorbant, or change more often.

    But don't worry too much, it will clear up easily and doesn't cause any damange to the body. Also, if you get it again you don't even have to go to the doctor as you can get over the counter medicines in any pharmaacy or supermarket.

    (No I haven't had one, i'm just a girl and this type of thing is constantly discussed in womans magazines).

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    The only way you could give your roomate pinworms six by scratching your butt, and touching him, or food, or some other surface. I'm no doc, but you said your diapers are too small, you need to get some bigger ones. The too small size makes more friction and heat, which are your enemy right now.

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    Not sure but maybe you could have candida? they are in your gut and in your colon and they feed off yeast and sugar. When they start dying your anus starts getting really itchy! I used to get the same thing. It always happened while I was exercising. Especially if I was doing Aerobic exercises.

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    In men, a yeast infection = jock itch. Same thing. In medical terms, this is candidiasis caused by the Candida yeasts, which are single-celled eukaryotic organisms. They are not bacteria. If you eat yogurt, you are eating yeasts. They are also found in many other foods and drinks, including beer. In general, they are good for digestion. However, the yeast that causes red itchy rashes is common inside a women's vagina and the anus/colon of both sexes. It will multiply out of control when you have a wet garment on for a long period of time and the organism spreads and irritates the skin. It's also another reason (besides getting a UTI) why women should wipe themselves from the vagina backwards and not the other way around. Hence, athletes get jock itch and diaper wearers get a bad case of diaper rash.

    Any medicine that clears up jock itch will also work on these rashes. I've used powders that contain Miconazole nitrate for many years and it clears it up in several days. I've worn diapers all my life and 24/7 for close to 8 years. My advice is to change more often in the warmer months and use powder or a zinc oxide ointment to spare your skin.

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