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Thread: Proper Diaper stuffer- Useing another diaper

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    Default Proper Diaper stuffer- Useing another diaper

    ok quick question, i havnt really ever used a stuffer before and i tried it the other day and i think i did it wrong. i got my Tranquility ATN brief (my Fav) and a huggies size 6- yes they fit, tight but fit.

    I punctured alot of tiny holes in the Huggies all over the place, put it on then put my Tranquility over that, is that the right way? cuz it didnt seem right, all the liquid stayed in the huggies for the most part with only a little going out into the other diaper. normaly that woulda been fine but the stuffer diaper was soaked and wasnt absorbing anything else, yes it was leaking into the other diaper but it was just uncomfortable with to much loose liquid just staying against the skin.

    The question is, is there a better way to use the smaller diaper as a stuffer? ex. bigger holes, slits instead of holes. what would work best? ive pondered other ideas but before enacting them and becoming upset in it not working i figured id ask for some advice.

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    The best way I have found is to cut several slits with a utility knife.

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    ok ill try that, i was just puncturing holes with a pair of small scissors

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    I'd use the scissors to cut slits, puncturing holes only does so much.
    It's a question of where is the middle ground: slits too big will cause the SAP and other stuff to spill out into the inner diaper (could pose an issue for cleaning up); slits too small and not enough liquid will pass through and get absorbed by the outer diaper.

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    I use a pattern like this assume midfront to mid back -:-=|+|=-:- to concentrate flow to center of the outer diaper and allow seepage from other areas.

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    I suggest you use the "pamperchu" method.
    That is when you open the outermost diaper and slide the stuffer one inside of it.

    That way you will not have any problems with cleanup/sap going everywhere.

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    ok thank you all very much, i will test all those out to see which i like most, again thank you

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    The problem with putting holes in the stuffer is that the gel swells and blocks the holes. You have to remove the waterproof backing without releasing the gel beads. They actually make stuffers designed to extend diapers with no waterproofing. I wish they would make a full sized hour-glass shaped stuffer. I love thick diapers. Reassure pull-on style makes great stuffers. The padding is easily removed and the plastic backing peals off with another covering underneath that keeps the gels inside.

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    I tried a way that was mentioned that worked very well. I cut slits in the outer cover of the stuffer front to back, that seemed to do the trick very well. yea the gel did come out into the other diaper, but being that i removed them both at the same time, it didnt bother me any, or make any real mess. that was prolly the best diaper experience ive had in over a year. so thank you all for the help

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