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Thread: I dislike my family.

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    Default I dislike my family.

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I've been having some family problems. Nothing like parents cheating or divorce, but the simple fact that I dislike everyone in my family.

    My mom is a gossipy, nosy busybody who never leaves anyone alone.

    My dad is an intolerant douche who believes a conversation consists of him talking and the other person agreeing with him.

    The worst of all:
    My sister. She is a vain, self-centered, fifteen year old jerk. She is always getting crud all over our computer. When I tell my parents, they say, "Go clean it up, then!"
    Every now and then, when I'm on Steam or ADISC, she will come into the room, and say, "I want to go on the computer." I tell her I'm on right now, she tells my parents, they kick me off the computer. Then, she'll spend 3 hours at a time editing photos of herself to post on Facebook.
    My parents much prefer her just because I'm the older one.

    I'm sorry if this just seems like a rant, it probably does. But, I need help.
    How can I cope with my awful family?

    Thanks for any and all responses.

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    Do what I do: Stay downstairs in your basement until they all go to bed. However, I can actually hang out with my mom (creepy, right?) as easily as I hang out with my friends, so I can be up when she's up.

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    Col, it sounds like you have got the "Archie Bunker" type of dad. If you have ever seen reruns of "All in the Family", you will know what I mean. I had one similar- but worse. Mine was not only like yours, but was also a racist and a bigot. Fortunately he never found out about my diapers. I did have the most loving mom, whom I identified with. She was mostly quiet, and was spared the rants and tirades my father could unleash. As to your sister, I see a spoiled brat type. The type that always has to have their own way- when they want it. I wish I couls offer you advice, but I do not know how to proceed in a situation like this.
    Best of luck with this dilemma.

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    Well, you could generally avoid them if you can. Like leaving the house and hanging out with friends, or just staying in your room. Obviously, the former being the better option, just not always available.

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    I know how you feel. My mom is self centred and don't really express that much concerns or well being towards to me. My sister seem don't care if she hurt other people feelings and always think she's right all of the time. She get furious if someone points her that she's wrong even in the kind way (my sister's almost 22, fyi). I don't get along with both of them all of the time. I am so thankful I don't live with them anymore, otherwise, I will have estranged mother and sister.

    I suggest to hide away for a bit and avoid them for a while like others said here.

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    Sounds like you need your own computer so you don't have to worry about your sister blocking the family PC with her facebook adventures and spending ages on Photoshop editing pics of herself until they're presentable


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    This sounds like a good situation to get out of the house asap and go on your own

    Hide away as much as you can, and try to get your own computer. Also spend as much time with friends away from the house as possible

    Ps: is your sister hot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Sounds like you need your own computer so you don't have to worry about your sister blocking the family PC with her facebook adventures and spending ages on Photoshop editing pics of herself until they're presentable


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    Well, you´re 16, of course you dislike your family. That´s normal (I guess).
    Try to avoid your parents (and your sister) for a while and let them know that you need some time for yourself. If that doesn´t moving out an option? :p

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    The good thing is that you have a roof over your head and good food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in. :P What you need is a long term plan. Do well in high school so you can go to a good college and live on campus away from your parents. If you are good in sports maybe you can get a scholarship then you won't have to depend on your family for money for your education. If you don't want to go to college, you can go to a trade school where they will teach you a skill. Check the website to see what skills will be in demand in the near future.
    Anyways, the key is to be patient and have a plan because once you are financial independent you will have power and your family will appreciate and respect you.

    The book The 48 Law of Power might help you get in the right mind set to your path to freedom from your family and any other obstacles that might appear.

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