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Thread: 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

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    Default 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

    Has anyone ever seen the show? I just saw it today, having no idea that it existed about an hour ago, and I gotta say, I'm hooked.

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    I watched the first episode. I'm sorry, I could not get into it. I didn't like the host. I didn't like the stunts. I didn't like the questions. The only thing i did like was the contestants responses to their exits.

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    I like the final 4 challenge where they are dropped into a pool. but their clearly on a bungee.

    Other stunts on the show are pretty piss poor or fake on some level. So Wipeout is still a better game show. I'd watch Big Brother over "101 ways" if they were on the same night/time.

    (I do in fact watch Big Brother, )

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    I've no idea if the show you're referencing is the same one, or similar, to the one we had here in the UK, but...
    I loved it. It was light entertainment at it's best, though I agree Total Wipeout tops it, albeit only just, for me.
    Some of the stunts are cheap, but others I thought were quite original.
    Sadly, I'm sure I heard somewhere that it'd been cancelled for a second run. I was genuinely annnoyed, as I thought it was actually something different!

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