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Thread: what would be the best way to spend time in a diaper

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    Default what would be the best way to spend time in a diaper

    OK you're all alone at home you got a pack of your ideal brand of diapers and any thing else you may need. you got all the time in the world. How to spend that time.

    For me I head all my favorite toys out to play with, I have a good kid movie on , my paci strap to my t shirt for when I want it, just relaxes and let my inner child out. Not thinking about bills or work.

    [minor edits for clarity]

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    Depends, I love to watch TV, sleep, and study in a diaper. I find it much easier to study when diapered. I can get so much more done. What does everyone else think? Do you study in a diaper? Do you find that it is easier?

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    Winning the lottery in a diaper. But that's fun even without a diaper

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    Taste testing large quantities of tea is fun. You fill up the diapers really fast.

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    I love to watch television or play video games while padded. In fact, that's pretty much the only time I play video games...

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    video games padded are my favorite thing. it is really nice to have a really long gaming session and not have to make my way to the bathroom any time. I have to stay hydrated so i can yell at noob tubers when they get a bs kill on me.

    another thing that you may find fun to do in diapers is to go to the park and swing. I do that later at night when no one is really around, but when I was younger I would take late night walks to the park to go swing. so it is nothing really ab specific because swinging has always made me happy, Still its better in a nappy.

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    For me also playing videogames. I love spending a day at home alone with an increasingly wet diaper, just relaxing, drinking a lot of coffee/tea and playing games. I guess my ultimate relaxed day is getting up after a lie-in, putting on a clean diaper and not-having to do a thing really, sitting there in my diaper having breakfast, reading the newspaper, playing games, watching a movie, reading a book and the diaper just making me feel all safe! *Thinking about it tempts me

    Part of me would love to make a long trainjourney in a diaper, but I guess I'd be afraid of leaking & showing etc.

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    My favorite thing to do is wear my tranquility atn w/ tranquility booster while watching the strikingly beatiful Hope Solo and the rest of the USA womens soccer team, dominate France in the World Cup. Go USA and Go Diapers! haha

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    i would be very lazy and just chill and play some video games, i would i also wet alot

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