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Thread: What happened to Bambinos?

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    Default What happened to Bambinos?

    I recently got an order of Teddies and the tapes simply don't stick. The bottom tapes to be exact. Am I missing something? I know they were criticized at the start for having the blue "stretchy" tapes, but these don't have that. They have what look like regular tapes, but the bottom tapes keep coming apart within 5 minutes of putting the diaper on. I've never had this problem before, but to be fair, I've never ordered a full 16-pack of Teddies before either (got a sample back when they were introduced, but that was it).

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    I notice a similar issue from time to time :c So I just make sure I have duct tape around just in case one of the four tapes feel like they don't want to stick no more :c

    I would rather have a classico. But the only site I know that deals them in Canada stopped receiving Mediums >:/

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    I've never ran into that issue in the past. Are you sticking them to the landing panel or below that onto the softer thinner shell?

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    Duct tape seems to be the best solution so far. And I am trying to aim for the landing panel. I've even tried loosening it a little thinking it was just pulled too tight, but then it doesn't stay snug around my legs.

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    He wasn't complaining to us. Rather, he was asking us if he was doing something wrong in the way he was using the tapes, and if anyone else had the same problem. I don't use disposables so I can't be a help there, but I have used a lot of duct tape, enough to know that it comes in white. White would look a lot nicer, and more babyish that the silver. You might have to find it in a hardware store, where they have a greater selection in tape.

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    The proublem Im having with them is that they don't have medium teddies or classico diapers in stock. They said they will have them back in 90 days.

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    i have been having a similar problem as well, i know the last time i bought bambinos the tapes were super sticky but this time around not so much, its like i stick them once theyre fine but if you pull them up and try to stick again theyll keep popping off

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    I've seen it mentioned elsewhere that the design of the Bambinos/Secure x plus had been changed and were not as strong. But I wouldn't know myself.

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    I emailed Bambino about this same problem with the last case of Teddies I ordered. They told me that so many people complained about the stretchy tapes not sticking that they quit making them with the stretchy tapes. So now they are using the same tapes that they use on the classico. They must have been rushed and used an inferior batch of tapes, or the landing zone is somehow made up differently. Thats the only explaination I can think of.

    When my Mommy was running into that issue when she changed me she just bought this big roll of pink duck tape...

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