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Thread: What trophies of your childhood do you love best?

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    Lightbulb What trophies of your childhood do you love best?

    In an old box I found my "Potato Sack Race" trophy which I got 3rd place in. Good heavens..have not thought of potato sack racing in ages. Imagine if I would have gotten 1st place in that race?? I think I would have more confidence today!!

    Please share any trophy stories that still make you feel like a super star!

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    Oh that's a fun question! I apparently won a small-town baby beauty pageant when I was really little so I have that trophy. And I still have my Book-It pizza thing! haha.

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    dont have alot of them but my biggest and coolest was a medal for second place in the ky youth fencing torniment.have it stashed away somewhere in a box at my parents house.

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    From middle school, there are two awards that come to mind: my Presidental Award for Academic Excellence certificate & pin and a medal for winning the school-level of the Geography Bee in seventh grade.

    For high school, there are also two awards that come to mind: my honor cords for maintaining a high GPA and a star pin for being captain of my school's speech team during my senior year.
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    My reading awards for reading over 400 books per year, every year since Grade 3.

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    my first place thophy in the tae-kwon do british championship in sparring and patterns 6 mounths after my physiotherapist said that it would take a year to get back to that standard and the thophy for scoring 98/100 in a music festival

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    I had a bowling trophy, but it fell apart... I have a bowling pin too. It had my high score on it from the kid's league I was in, but all the marker writing came off.

    I have a medal from a county spelling bee, though I did not get first place.

    That's about all I have.

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    :3 im that looser kid who never won or did anything amazing that resulted in the aquisition of a trophy. o-o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal0ispwnd View Post
    My reading awards for reading over 400 books per year, every year since Grade 3.
    Now this... this is hard for me to comprehend. Im lucky to read a book every once and awhile and it takes me a long time. (ADHD doesnt help) That being said, of all these books and amazing things you have read. I have a few questions...

    1. Would you do it over?

    2. What kind of stuff stands out to you after doing so much reading?

    3. What motivates u to reach so much?

    Sorry... i dont mean to thread jack or any thing but i just... dont know how to even imagine what it would be like to read that much.

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    I rarely won anything, as I am not athletic at all.
    But when I was in third or fourth grade, I won a 3rd place trophy from the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. I later quit scouting in sixth grade.

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    My ribbon and medal collection. I can't just pick one! You should see the bookshelf that they're all on... its covered head-to-toe in awards and stuff.

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