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Thread: I might get some goodnites today

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    Default I might get some goodnites today

    I got my license recently and i am going to ocean state job lot because i saw some on sale a while back so im gonna go down there.

    wish me luck !!!

    ps: i will post back later what happens

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    Good luck. Using my powers of prediction, I expect there to be two possible outcomes.

    1. "I got there but I just kept walking past and was too nervous to buy any this time -sadface-"
    2. "Omg I actually bought some the whole time I was so nervous and shifty but I did it and I think if you are thinking of doing it but are too scared don't be it's awesome and easy!!!".

    In the case of option 1, sorry to hear it, better luck next time,
    In the case of option 2, awesome, hope you enjoy them - but not everyone will be as free/willing so count yourself very lucky!

    I'm not trying to sound sarcastic here, just using previous experience from forum posts - and there isn't really much to add to the discussion. But in all seriousness, I'm happy you're taking the first step - one day you'll be able to buy proper adult diapers and you'll be hooked, I guarantee it!

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    eeyore said it all! regardless, I wish you luck; it's hard buying in public the first time (at least my heart was racing =))

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    good luck ,dont chicken out now ,But as eeyore said thats basically what your gonna get.

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    i didnt chicken out but they only had smalls and i got a 32 waist so they wouldnt fit i didnt buy them. O well ill try again next week.

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    Lol you live in mass, same.

    Just wondering is your job lot near a marshals or shop in shop?

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    maybe next time mate

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    Toonaml its near a marshals

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    I think i am going to try good will 2morrow

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