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Thread: A truly great wine will make you happy just sensing its aroma!

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    Default A truly great wine will make you happy just sensing its aroma!

    What are your favorite wines?

    Mine are..

    White wines:

    1. Chablis (France)
    2. Sauvignon Blancs (New Zealand)

    Red wines:
    1. Zinfandel (California)
    2. Rioja (Spain)

    There are a zillion lines of evidence that drinking wine in moderation improves your health (more than a glass or two per day has the opposite effect!). Certainly there are BIG (15 - 50%!) reductions in risks of stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, dementia, cancers (bowels, lungs, ovaries, others) and clogged arteries in the legs. Specifically in women, it seems to reduce the risk of kidney stones and "preserves women's mental functioning" as well!

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    The only wine I really like is Port. Yes, it is supposed to be a healthy beverage in moderation, and I used to regularly have a glass for years, but I still ended up in the hospital last Spring needing three stents to open a 95% blocked coronary artery. A recent lab test showed I have two particular genes which make me more susceptible to heart disease. Maybe the wine held my arterial problem at bay a little longer, but in my case it was going to happen anyway, with or without the healthy benefits of drinking some wine.


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    There may be a difference between morbidity (how many people get sick) and mortality (how many people die). Lots of things tend to lower the number of people who get sick, not the number of people who die. Essentially, this means they have a pronounced effect in people in whom the health issue is borderline but not in people in whom the issue is serious.

    For example, a person who would otherwise have a massive heart attack will now have a slightly-less-than-massive heart attack. A person who would otherwise have a minor heart attack may not have one.

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    Red scupperdine. It's like drinking a tree.

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    My favourites are: for whites, sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio. And for reds I go for Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz generally.

    Any of you like Madeira? I've recently discovered it, and imo is even best than port!

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    I love wine! I don't really have a favorite, though of course there are large quality differences among wines within a sort. I tend to go for heavy-flavored red wines; usually Tempranillo tastes good for me, but also some more obscure Italian wines, like the Negroamaro del Salento, Nero d'Avola and Aglianico. But a Merlot or Shiraz from Chile or Argentina is also fine, or anything from Bordeaux, or even a simple Lambrusco!

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    rofl. keepin it classy with the boxed wine? nice.

    I like pinot grigio. Its my preferred. though for some reason I really like sparkling wines and champagne... even when there's nothing to celebrate. I even enjoy the cheap bottles : O . carbonated wine is easily the greatest invention since the easily-removable toga.

    Also, I can't drink cabernet sauvignon. I don't know why. Every one I've tried leaves a not-so-pleasant taste in my mouth.

    edit: oh and related fail of the year: I actually just cut myself taking the foil off the top of a bottle I was just opening.
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    la franzia(5 leiter box for 12 bucks) and that $4.68 champagne from big daddy liqour store.

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    I'm still a big Bordeaux and Bordeaux-style fan. I pretty much don't have any wines I don't like (well other than maybe Retsina and a lot of the non-vinifera sweet wines out there). I've got room in my cellar for about 4000 bottles and only have it about a third full right now.

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