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    This is so funny.. i had to share it with you guys..

    Joseph Hayes, 48, was arrested in South Memphis, Tenn., in June after allegedly threatening (with a gun in his waistband) the hostess of a birthday party to which his kids had been invited but which ran out of cake and ice cream. "Y'all didn't save my kids no damn ice cream and cake," he was heard to say, and "I ain't scared to go to jail." [Commercial Appeal (Memphis), 6-5-2011]

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    I don't really think it's that funny. Considering the guy flew off the handle so quick and his kids not having any ice cream or cake and threatened someone with a gun.

    Even this wouldn't be funny at all in real life. Despite it being hilarious in the movie.

    Of course I recently laughed the most I have this year upon seeing this. So even I have faults upon laughing at stuff that isn't funny at all.

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