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Thread: Diapers that are too small

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    Default Diapers that are too small

    I've seen people posting about diapers that are to big and are asking for help, but recently I've gained some diapers that are too small for me. I can manage to get them around my waist but it's definitely a bad fit.

    DO you just use them as stuffers? Or what?

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    Yeppers! Baby diapers that you've outgrown make excellent stuffers for bigger diapers. Just remember th slit the back of them so they can drain into the larger diaper.
    I've used them instead of expensive adult sized diaper doubler pads for a long time.

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    They aren't baby diapers though, they're extra small Adult diapers.

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    It should still work the same, though, right? Just cut the plastic off both ends and cut a slit down the middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col View Post
    It should still work the same, though, right? Just cut the plastic off both ends and cut a slit down the middle.
    XD I i may do that, if they manage to fit XD

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    Use 'em as stuffers. Rip the sides off, cut slits in the plastic, then lay it into your favorite properly-sized diaper and enjoy!

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    When life gives you lemons diapers that are too small, make lemonade stuffers.

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    It seems a waste to use them as stuffers - a lot depends on how much too smal they are - some people suggest using duct tape, but htat is (to my mind) far too tought - parcel tape woirks if there is only a small gap to bridge.

    If ultimate security if you wet is not a high priority - like you are just wearing at home -it is possible to keep a undersized and unfastened diaper in place inside snug underwear. This has gotten me out of trouble on several occasions and is a bit like using the incontinence pads that don't have fastenings but rely on special "net pants" to hold them up. Just don't try it overnight in bed or on a long journey!

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