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    Sorry for being quite inactive, and not speaking to everyone in a while - been really busy preparing for this trip. But that's me away to India for 2 weeks, on missionary work. Should be on a lot more when i'm back though!

    Gonna miss y'all *sniffles*

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    I'm the first to huggle Dash goodbye. Good luck... It is always sad to see a fellow raccoon leave the forums, even temporarily...

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    Have fun in India! Tell us later what life is like over there. Is there fun radio stations? Where do people go swimming and hiking etc.
    Like can u find fun things to do and are pampers 7 sold there? etc.

    nice to see u doing volunteer work 4 the needy! ~ Will

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    Have fun, hope it goes as well as a trip I did like that 2 years ago.

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    wow, missionary work, well i cerainly wish you good luck on that.

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    Enjoy your time in India and your work down there. Be safe and bring home some curry for all the curry shops in your country


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    First your acctive then you leave for god knows how long then you come back you hardly say anything and now your leaving again.

    Hope you have fun

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    Nooo.... *clings on to Dash's leg*

    Well have fun, Be careful out there.
    Take care dude.

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