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Thread: How hot is it?

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    Default How hot is it?

    The heat is killing us (figuratively)in States, Countries, and the Whole World over. In charlotte alone, its been getting hoter everday. Today alone it was 98 but the record was 102, set back all the way back in 1963. The reason for this is from ths in crease in Ozone level. Ozone is created when cars produce high levels (C02) or carbon monoxide. Now the reason why im writing this is because i would like to ask everyone a question:

    How hot is it? No matter where you are, what state or country your in, tell us how hot it is.

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    I don't know how accurate it is but according to it is 16 degrees Centigrade here in Wales, and it is 00:40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    I don't know how accurate it is but according to THE FUCKING WEATHER it is 16 degrees Centigrade here in Wales, and it is 00:40.
    HAHA! I lawled sooo hard when I saw that link!

    Anyways, we hit ~95 here today, but the heat index made it feel like it was between 105 and 110. Welcome to midwest summers! :P

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    Im too lazy to check, but I know around 12:00 it was 94 Degrees Fahrenheit lol.

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    It was mid-90s today, but that was the hottest it's been in a while.

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    Mid 90's here in Virginia. They're thinking we may break the record tomorrow.

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    At first I thought this was a misplaced forum game where people try to come up with the best answer. I was totally pumped to come here and say "It's so hot, my sweat is sweating!"

    But on a serious note, It was actually pleasant today, it rained a lot and we had some cool lightning.

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    Well, tai, I'm only two states north of you, and at the southern end of the state at that. There's only a couple degrees F and slight differences in humidity seperating us. Funny how times have changed though. On really hot Summer days, I don't see many kids outdoors in any activity of play...they mostly stay inside in the AC comfort of their home. Back when I was growing up in Baltimore City in the '50s and '60s you played outside on hot Summer days because the house was even HOTTER inside with no AC! Even schools and many office buildings lacked AC back then. I remember the last weeks of school and having an early heat wave. The teacher would cut out all the lights to keep the classroom as cool as least it gave you the perception of being cooler though I doubt it actually made much difference in the temperature. School was never cancelled because of heat - kids just sweated it out along with their teachers. People would stay out on their front porches and kids would be out playing until late at night to cool off. My older sister worked at City Hall around 1961 and even that municipal building had no AC, with the exception of the Mayor's personal office, of course. But, at least she would be sent home early if it got too unbearably hot to work.

    I'm cold natured, so it has to get really hot and humid before the weather bothers me. Guess that partly goes back to my childhood and enduring the city's heat every Summer.


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    I live about an hour south of Charlotte and it is usually around 5 degrees cooler for us, but there is no doubt that it is hot out there.

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