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    Red face Greetings from Wales

    Hi all,

    I'm Nico and new to this website and I am suprised I never found it before. Perhaps I did, but never really got to registering. Anyway, I am a relaxed and open-minded person. I have had my drawbacks in the past, but am generally very cheerful and have a positive look on life. I try to laugh a lot because it helps me stay positive, but I can be very serious as well when needed. When I get to know people well, I can sometimes resort to sarcasm which is not always appreciated, but I never mean any harm and care a lot about the people around me. Life has taught me that it is good when small things make you happy and for me it certainly does. As for my occupation, I work as a researcher and I am particularly interested in the psychology.

    There is a good reason I joined this forum. Not too long ago I started to embrace who I am and what I like and rather than keeping it all to myself I started to venture outwards (well... online) and look around for like-minded people. This is largely diaper-related and I am so very happy that I have accepted that part of me and I am starting to search for new experiences to see what I like and don't like. I know I kind of had these feelings since I was young, but it took a long time to accept it but now I do! I always thought I was DL and I wear diapers "for fun" 1-3 times a week, but I am getting increasing curious about AB and even being a carer sounds like a lot of fun. Being able to talk to people with similar thoughts and ideas is a very nice thing (I finally managed to pick up the courage to register at, only a month before it went down and I hope it'll be back up soon). On diaperspace I started writing some blogs about the psychology of AB/DL and my own thoughts on fetishes and my personal history etc. and I hope I can continue this here.

    As for the rest of me; I am a little bit geeky, but I think that in these times being "geeky" no longer has a negative affiliation attached to it. I like the occasional video game, preferably RPGs. I love reading and my reading-interests go from reading about the brain to other scientific and historical topics, but to be fair, I like reading a good novel or fantasy book just as much. As an unwritten rule, I allow myself into bookshops only rarely, because if I go in one, I will buy books... which is good for me, but not for my wallet. But I don't just spend time inside, going out into nature is another one of my passions; I enjoy hiking, I enjoy being in nature and the feeling of freedom that comes with it and enjoy camping. Recently I got interested in photography and mainly focus on nature -particularly animal- photography at the moment. I really enjoy cycling and I cycle to work almost every day, love going into the hills and I am currently spending a lot of afternoons watching or listening to the Tour de France. It is difficult to get an idea of someone in such a small bit of writing but I think this described me quite well.

    A couple of things struck me immediately about this website and made me join up. I am really looking forward to being a member of an online community where I can chat and discuss topics related to AB/DL, where there are like-minded people with similar feelings and because I am relatively new to it I am looking forward to share experiences, ideas and thoughts on a number of levels. But is much more than that because it is not just about the diapers and I am really looking forward to simply talking "stuff" with everyone here. Another very important aspect is the fact that this forums seems to find proper language, proper post-building and proper communication very important, which is something that is lacking in a lot of other online places. Despite English not being my mother tongue (but due to moving I speak it most of the time), proper use of the English language is important to me, whether it is grammar or spelling... it doesn't take much time to make a small effort to use proper language and it makes it so much easier to read. I think that emphasising proper communication on a forum makes it all a lot easier and interesting for everyone and I am looking forward in engaging with people here!

    I realised my introduction got a bit lenghty there, so I'll stop here. Feel free to reply or message me with questions etc

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    There is no such thing as too lenghty introduction! Yours was pretty awesome in fact. Most people don't spend enough time in their intro and just go like "Hi, I'm DL. I posted cause you forced me to" but instead of doing it you actually go in indepth details of your life. That's pretty refreshing and intresting to read. I did see you're intrested in psychology? That's nice as I'm currently studying in upper secondary school (almost equivalent(sp?) to college in US) and there one of my favorite subjects just happen to be it. It's always nice to find someone alike joining community. Anyways, my response is growing in lenght so I'll cut it before it goes too long. I wish you very welcome to ADISC and hope you'll find all the support you're looking for. Thank you for your great introduction.

    P.S. Feel free to share those thoughts and researches you've done about ABDL and other fetishes, I'd be glad to read through them and possibly comment

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    Hi and Welcome!

    That was a really good introduction and i am certain that you will be welcomed with open arms to the community here! I notice you say that English is not your first language but you speak it really well. Where did you move from and what is your first language?

    I'm also glad to see another person that likes being in the outdoors and photography and i imagine living in wales you are ideally situated for these sort of interests! Have you been up in the hills recently?

    Once again all the best at ADISC and thanks for the introduction!

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    Thank you both for a very warm welcome! It'll be great chatting to people here I'm sure.

    In terms of posts on the psychology behind fetishes/ABDL; I put a lengthy post on diaperspace a while back, but am not able to find it anywhere. I'll try and find it again. However, a lot of it was based on a very interesting article I found on understanding infantilism: Paraphilic Infantilism which also talks about fetishes. I am particularly interested in getting my hands on the book by John Money that is described in the essay.

    And yes, I do go up into the Welsh hills quite often, I love it there, like going back into an ancient landscape. I'd rather not say too many personal things like my home country etc. if you don't mind, perhaps in the future

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