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Thread: Best Time In Diapers Out In Public

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    Smile Best Time In Diapers Out In Public

    My Best time out in public would have my first time ever
    After arguing with myself for 3 weeks about it i decided to try wearing in public but after much debate with myself i chickened out, lucky im a thinker and decided to trick/force myself into doing it, the next day was Big Day Out and i would be around thousands of people for over 15 hours so i decided to wear that day instead i said to myself "you'll be around thousands of people no one will notice and you won't be able to change/remove even if you wanted to" so the next morning i got up nervously had a shower etc then diapered myself up and got changed for the big day, now i cant drive myself so i had take public transport (scarriest thing of my life ever) for public transport i decide to take the train (thought i'd chicken out if took the bus) so the train pulls into the station and i start to shake a little because as soon as i got on that train i wouldnt be able to turn around. To my misfortune i decided to take an earlier train to save on the amount of people, as soon as the train pulls up my heart sinks the first 3 carriages go past all full then 4th and 5th arnt so much but still reasonably full, so i finally step onto the train and sit down slowly to my horror i thought a sound had escaped but it turns out it was just me freaking out so the next 40 min were horrible as the amount of people on the train switch from full to near empty so getting closer to my stop the woman sitting next to me starts talking to me i start to freak in my mind that she might know, is my diaper poking out or something? turns out i was just paranoid and she wanted to know what bands were playingg at the concert, so i finally get to my stop and i quickly dash out of the train i then realise oops i forgot my bag luckily the woman sitting next to me brought it to me to my relief i said thanks and she gave me a wink and said "its okay you know" to this day those words ring in my mind and still make me wonder if she knew, Anywho to Why this was the best day in diapers for me was because it was my first time out in public and it also gave me the confidence to keep wearing in public, also i got to see all the bands i wanted due to not having to walk through a few thousand people to get to the toilet

    Well that was my first and best experience in Diapers ever,
    If you dont mind id like to know your bext experience with this sort of thing =]

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    Well for my first day in diapers ever, was my sophmore year in highschool. It was pretty awsome because you can just go when you want ^^ After 3-4 days of wearing i figured everything out, no one really can hear the noise nor would they know what it is. the bulk really doesnt show unless your wearing skinny jeans. the paranoid fades quickly after wearing in public for a while. Now i pretty much wear almost 24/7 and one time i've even wore a diaper with a shirt on in public, but that was for holloween i know, seems kinda hugely risky but i have 2 ab friends that did it with me

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    I'm not up to these levels of courage yet. I just walk around outdoors when it's raining, because then I can wear a waterproof coat which rustles louder than the diaper. Thought of that all by myself too.

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    I have worn out in the general public for around 40 years and never had anyone notice.

    The only times anyone does notice has been places like Burning Man Festival where i walked around in just a t shirt and diaper for 5 days.
    And then because the theme that years was "the seven ages of man" everyone thought it was just a costume.
    Steve's Burning Man Images - 2001

    There was only 40,000 people there that year

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