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Thread: thoughts on a daytime diaper

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    Default thoughts on a daytime diaper

    I'm a 30" waist looking at going 24/7 and am need the best daytime diaper that isn't too thick and can fit under shorts, jeans, and khakis.

    What's better abena M2s or M3s, cushies, super dry kids, attends??

    I can't deal with leaks but have no problems changing immediately.


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    Attends or Abena M2 will have the best fit and also be thin enough for daytime wear. Cushies/Super Dry Kids are not the best fit for continued movement as they only have the one tape each side.

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    Well for adults... anything in relation to ABuniverse for practical use is a bbaaaad idea since their diaper models are cheap and flimsy. I suggest your best bet is to look into molicare products perhapse.

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    Molicare is a good choice. The cloth covered attends aren't bad under clothes when you need to go out, though they need to be changed more often.

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    abena m2 or m3 is probably going to be your best tradeoff. m4 and 24/7's will be too thick. might get away with a bambino.

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    Hey LilBro,
    You might also consider trying the "Unique Wellness" brand. They are not super thick looking, but have plenty of absorbent polymer
    gel to keep you from having accidents. Go to their website and they will send you a free sample.

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    I dont like the molicares diaper. I prefer Abena or Tena diapers.

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    I don't have m2's- but M3's are just a little on the thick side... but still much thinner than an x-plus. If you want I could show ya some pictures of them stacked next to each other to give you a general idea?

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    I like the Abena M3 for a daytime.
    another good choice would be a Tranquility ATN. they are fairly slim, relatively soft plastic, and really cheap.

    both the above hide easily under any clothing i have worn. The M3 does have more capacity than the Tranquility

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    I use 24/7 daily now, switch from molicare.

    They are not too thick depending on your choice in clothing

    Don't rule them out. They work well no leaks.


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