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Thread: BEYOND rant time... (about leetspeak)

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    Default BEYOND rant time... (about leetspeak)

    All of you who think It's "cool" to 5p34|< 1n |337 ("speak in leet")...ITS NOT! For those of you who know how to speak English, as well as type it...Use the skill your 1st grade teacher tried so hard to teach you. It pisses me off when I can't understand ONE sentence BECAUSE you forgot a comma (which means its a pause in the sentence). Okay, I get that you make some spelling mistakes sometimes, hell, even I forget to put the word "the" sometimes, but for god sakes, "hy gyz, dis iznt k00l." ISN'T COOL! You end up typing the same number of characters in "k00l", as the word "cool", except one shows your IQ is less than 50, and the other makes you seem intelligent, even if you aren't (not my call...most of the time). I understand that it takes an extra ****ing MILLISECOND (exaggeration) to type "this" instead of "dis" my dad always says to morons driving stupidly: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A**!

    (a very pissed off) ~Gwizzy~

    P.S. I don't care if you say "lol" or little acronyms, "ttyl", "afk", "POS", etc, but seriously...when someone is trying to read a bunch of messages in 5 seconds on IRC, it helps to spell in ENGLISH! I should slap everyone on this forum who has ever said "k00l" with a rubber chicken...but then my handpaws would smell like chicken.

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    Who speaks in leet? I've never seen anyone whose posts I care to read (which is a majority of them) speak like that.

    I guess this rant is just in general, but I find most people I associate myself with type articulately anyway...

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    *cough* Gammer nazi *cough*

    ! 5P34|< 1!3|< |)!5 J|_|57 70 P!55 J00 0|=|=
    Don't you love 1337 speak. Besides why do you care? There are a lot of teenagers on this site who usually use IM/SMS language in chat rooms because it's what they are used to, just suck it up and deal with it.

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    I care because it is a desecration of the English Language. I realise that the majority of these people are Americans and thus don't have much of a grasp of English to begin with, but that is no reason to post drivel that no one but other "loosers" (sic) can read.


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    I have no idea what "leet" speak or 1337 is.. does that make me smart or dumb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen
    ! 5P34|< 1!3|< |)!5 J|_|57 70 P!55 J00 0|=|=
    I won't bother trying to figure out what this means.

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    Chromos, it means your brain still works, ^^ - I agree with you grizzy, leet speak pisses me off, you already know english, so use it so you dont ruin your edumacation! <spelled education wrong on purpose, hopefully you get the point, hehe>

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    *backs away from grizzy's fervor*

    is this really worth getting so upset over? anyone who creates illegible posts probably doesn't have anything very interesting to say anyway, so why would you even bother reading it? as point said, 1337speak isn't often used on these forums. you'd probably be best off just avoiding places where it's overused.

    you're making it sound like you regularly spend 20 minutes reading an impenetrable pile of 1337speak just so you can get to the bottom and shake your fist at the heavens and cry out "1337speak has just wasted 20 minutes of my time!!!1"

    this whole trend of getting one's panties in a twist over things that really don't matter at all seems to be gaining a lot of popularity. maybe i should try it sometime, just to see what all the fuss is about.

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post

    ! 5P34|< 1!3|< |)!5 J|_|57 70 P!55 J00 0|=|=
    I won't bother trying to figure out what this means.
    then i won't bother translating it for you.

    *winks at fallen* our evil plot to wreak darksun's undoing is working. he doesn't suspect a thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    I won't bother trying to figure out what this means.
    "! 5P34|< 1!3|< |)!5 J|_|57 70 P!55 J00 0|=|="

    Let's try...

    "I speak liek dis just to piss joo off."

    No idea what he's got against Jews, but I'm surprised his spelling is bad even in 1337.

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