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    Default um heyy

    um hey there im amy i made a account here cause i came across this place so i thought id join up . feel free to ask me anything so yeah

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    Well, firstly, welcome.

    Secondly... We'd like a more detailed intro!

    Surely you didn't make an account here just because you came 'across it'...? If I did that, I'd have a million accounts all over the net! You must have some interest in diapers...?

    And what about you... What interests do you have?

    C'mon, tell us more!

    Dan x

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    hmm i guess it started with someone i know from a diffrent place introducing me into it its kinda gone on from there lol oddly eniough he was on this site at one time :S lol

    um i enjoy anaimation japanese stuff art poetry lots of other things ><

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    What kinds of other things?

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    hmm all kinds of things cooking working out makeup music

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    Ok, who's your favorite band/group? Mine is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

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    m i guess atm its slipknot

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