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    Ello there! Salut, ciao, konichiwa, guten tag. My name is Emmy and I'm new here, and new to the whole TB/AB thing, so go easy on me. ^_^ I'm a senior in high school and starting to be interested again in little kid things and regression, mainly as a source of comfort~ Hoping that I can find some support and friends here! I'm shy at first but really nice when you get to know me.

    I also have other interests of course, such as psychology, writing, animals (I'm a vegetarian <3), and watching weird movies. I act very mature sometimes, beyond my actual age. But other times I love to just cuddle with my stuffies and color and drink chocolate milk lol.

    If you want to know more, feel free to ask <3

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    'Ello 'ello and welcomen to ADISC

    I hope you'll find the site to your liking, as it isn't all about "get used to TB/AB all at once", it's more relaxed to where you can explore and figure things out at your own pace and with helping guidance along the way....or so I've been told XD. But seriously, this is a good site.

    I see you like psychology? Cool. Planning a career in the field or are you into it just because it's such a fascinating topic? I see you also like writing. Sweeeeet Would I be overstepping my bounds to ask what - if anything in particular - you like to write about? For me, it's fiction stories that cover pretty much most genres.

    I hear ya on acting mature for your age one moment then wanting chocolate milk and plushies the next...kinda the best of both worlds.

    Hope to see you around, and don't forget to have fun.

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    Tripped - Thanks! I'm glad to hear that haha. I'm hoping to have a career in it, hopefully being a child/adolescent counselor. It is a really fascinating field and I love to help people!

    No it's not overstepping boundaries. I mostly write fiction, but I like writing about pretty much any sort of unusual topic/anything that most people overlook. Like, topics I'm weirdly interested in include things like beauty pageants, boarding schools, abandoned buildings, carnivals, mental hospitals.... things like that make good settings in my opinion. Sorry that was probably a strange answer haha.

    Thanks again for welcoming me!

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    Mattmatt - Do you mean my favorite interest/thing to do as a TB? Or favorite aspect of being a TB?

    As for interests, I really like plushies and coloring books haha. I haven't yet tried the diapers/paci thing but I'm curious about it. And my favorite part about being a TB is being able to regress and forget stresses about school and family pressures, things like that. When I was younger all I wanted to do was grow up and be super mature so I never got much of a childhood (among other reasons) so this is a really good way of relaxing for me, and enjoying myself ^_^

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    I love to welcome new members from the great state of NC.

    So welcome to our community, and feel free to lean on the vast support structure it offers.

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    Hi, EmmyKay. Welcome to ADISC. I have read what you have said in your Personal Space, it would make an excellent Introduction all by itself. I mention it here because I think that anyone seeing this thread would also enjoy reading what you wrote there. Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. Have fun. Take care.

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    Thanks!! <3 I appreciate that; I was worried about that being way too long and boring haha. But thank you, I'm loving all the support I've gotten here already!

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    Lol that made me giggle. Yeah I... meant to do that? haha. Sure!

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