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Thread: Anyone collect coins or stamps on here?

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    Default Anyone collect coins or stamps on here?

    Hello I'm fryeguy and relatively new to the site. I'm an adult, n my late 30's and often find myself on here when I'm messing around with either my coin collection or my stamp collection. I just have to wonder if any fellow diaper wearer's collect anything? I've been collecting for well over 20+ years and thought it would be nice to meet any other collectors out there? If so give me a holler and maybe we can chat or whatever. Thank you for your time and have a wonderfully diapered day (or whatever your into) I live in America and collect American coins/stamps if it matters but I also have a ton of Australian stamps that I need to get organized and hopefully someone could help? Just a thought. -Peace

    I must apologize in advance for the "off topic" request but I was just curious.

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    I am a currency and coin collector myself, although I much prefer currency over coins.

    As for coins, some of the more interesting items I have are two Haitian coins, circa 1907 and 1908, and a couple of coins from the Soloman Islands. The dollar coin from the Soloman Islands is quite neat, actually, with what looks like a monster holding a head in its arms.

    My currency collection, though, is kinda my baby. I have Iraqi currency, including some pre-Gulf War stuff (which is really hard to come by given that Saddam made all of that stuff illegal to use after the war, so I was told by a friend that's originally from Iraq). I have a range of notes from the former USSR. I actually have an entire stack, sequentially numbered and in a bank wrapper, of 5 Kyat notes from Burma (Myanmar). Like I said, I have a lot of neat stuff in there.

    My focus on both is mostly the non-American stuff. American coins and currency are prohibitively expensive, and honestly, I'm more interested in it from the artistic vantage point. Coins and currency, especially currency, and the images depicted on them, are amazing and excellent windows into a nation and its culture. Looking at US currency over the last 100 years, you can see where we went from a nation that celebrates its heritage and is proud to make beautiful things to a nation that has cheaped out and doesn't terribly care anymore. Canadian currency is breathtakingly beautiful, especially the stuff they made in the late '80s with the birds on the back, and seriously, their $5 note has a scene of children playing hockey on the back! I especially enjoy notes from now defunct nations, too, since again, it's sort of a legacy of that nation.

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    I like to collect coins from other countries. They my be wothless here in the US but I just like to see the different types of artwork.

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    I collect coins as well and Do have some fresh Star notes

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    I'm not really a formal coin collector, but if I get older coins in change, like wheat pennies, I'll stash them away. Very rarely, I'll get a war nickel in change having some silver content and looking a bit more tarnished in appearance. Even more rarely, a pre-1965 dime or quarter.

    The only really valuable coin I ever got in change was a 1922 Lincoln penny. I was elementary school age at the time and had a penny coin holder you press the coins into openings above the date and mint mark. There was only an opening for a 1922-D (Denver Mint) penny. I didn't know why, and since their was no spot for the 1922 (with no letter after the date) penny I had, I went and spent it on penny candy. Wasn't until a couple years later I picked up a coin collecting book and found out why it was omitted from my penny holder. It was VERY RARE and only a few existed with no mint mark. Chances of ever having one were slim to none. Talk about wanting to kick myself really hard!!!


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    I collect various contemporary coins, mostly for fun and not really for getting any value out of them. Ever since the Euro, it has gotten easier though since I can simply dig through my change to find foreign coins rather than actually having to leave my country. When the Euro was brand new, there was this coke vending machine at a temp job I had in a trucking company, so I would always overfeed the machine in a hope to get some of the foreign coins back the truckers would put in there.


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    I collect both coins and stamps from a lot of different countries. I have a lot of them but non are that rare or valuable. The most valuable stamp I have is worth about $40.

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    I collect drumsticks from around the world.

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