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    Does anybody notice that tape diaper looks so big. I mean why cant there be a tape diaper that fits like pull ups or regular briefs. I hare how LARGE all diapers seem to be.

    What you guys think?

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    I have no idea what you mean.

    Do you mean that you want Bikini cut diapers?

    Perhaps a few more sentences of back story, thoughts on the subject, or explanation would help clarify.

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    Every diaper I wear sits really high on my waist and it like goes up my back. And if i put them lower they don't feel snug on me. I want a diaper that wear like a brief. Could you explain what bikini cut diapers are, i think maybe thats what i want

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    Sorry the only bikini cut that I know of are plastic pants for cloth diapers, but maybe someone here has run across something in a disposable.

    If I remember right Tena used to be relatively low rise.

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    There's gotta be padding somewhere to be absorbent. Low cut in the back would leak out the back top elastic if you wet much on your back. Front low cut would leak out the top elastic if you wet much on your side or while sitting. (or stomach sleeping)

    There's just so much padding you can add in the crotch. That, and sometimes no amount of crotch padding will really help. Side sleeping for example.

    If you want a low cut diaper you are going to have to just wear a size smaller. I'm going to assume you've tried that and didn't like it, so what about it didn't you like?

    If you're just in it for the fit, squeezing into one of the largest kid size pullups will probably do what you want, giving you a pull up with a little square of padding in the front and back. Looks terrible, doesn't hold much, but maybe that's what you want?

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