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Thread: Normal clothes that can be be "baby" clothes?

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    Default Normal clothes that can be be "baby" clothes?

    I want to buy a couple things that I could use as a baby and as an adult. Pseudo baby clothes in a sense. But the only thing I can think of is long sleeve shirts.... and maybe baggie shorts? But that's about it anything else you guys can think of?

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    when I want to feel younger because of what Im wearing I like pajamas. it does not work for any time of day as it is not exactly appropriate to be wearing pajama bottoms at 4 in the afternoon. but at night and in the mornings It feels great to be home around roommates in my jammies with cute cartoons on them.
    one thing you may consider is overalls, those are super childish and can really make you feel younger wearing them. just convince yourself that you can pull them off while in adult mode.

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    Hmm, you could do certain onesies. For instance, I have a onesie that's mostly a plain T-shirt with SpongeBob on it. Stuff like that can look like you've just tucked in your shirt.

    But yeah, t-shirts with fun/childish prints or characters, shorts, et cetera are about the only dual-role type stuff I can think of. Otherwise, you'll have to just go for overalls or other stuff and wear it with pride.

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    Yes, I have overalls and I wear them in winter. My wife asked me yesterday if I wanted a night shirt. I've gotten shingles, and it hurts mostly at night. I said no, but I think I'm going to re-visit this idea, because just diapers under the night shirt might be very nice to wear at night. I think you could get them in all sorts of designs, and women's nightshirts would still fit the same.

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    What I've found to be particularily regressive (and at the same time, PROGRESSVE!) is a scarf. Mind you, they're worn generally in autumn and winter, but to me they feel very "little", and look quite fashionable.

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    Really warm night-time wear is good for me. Stuff like a warm shirt, PJ bottoms and socks!
    I'm sure a diaper would help, but I have to go without for the time being.

    Of course, I never wear this unless it's really cold in the house.

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    Other than jammies, bright or pastel colors make me feel little. Especially a pastel blue. I used to have this one long sleeved light blue shirt that I wore when it was cold.

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    There are very few options available in the way of clothing for males, but there are many more options for females. It's not very difficult at all to find clothes made for women that have a more child-like, or 'baby-ish' print or design to them. Sorry Dragsnick, I know this does not help you very much at all.

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    I feel quite the little one when I wear a longsleeved shirt with some short-shorts. I just feel huggable.
    I've got some short, light blue checkered pajama shorts that I wear with long-sleeved shirts.
    Socks with buckle dress shoes work too, no footie socks though.

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