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    Default Fabine Pre-Order Update

    I received an update from ABU on June 11 saying the Fabine's were delayed to mid/late July. We're not quite there yet but I was wondering if anyone else has seen an update since then? At this point I don't even remember how many I ordered. (bag of 8 I think?)

    Hope they're worth the wait. Though they're probably not going to be any better than say doubling up a bambino.

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    The ETA on the Fabines has gotten a little more vague recently on ABU, so I went to the manufacturer's website (Buntewindel) and got an update. ABU is claiming mid to late July. Buntewindel is saying late August. (that's when ABU will get them, not when we will) So I'm betting on early to mid September for my delivery.

    Last time I went looking for info I found that the ship carrying the product had engine trouble, was found to not be easily repaired, and was sent to another port for unloading, which accounted for the initial delay. They then decided to repair it instead of unloading it onto another ship, hence the additional delay. I've seen pictures of these engines, they're the size of three story houses and have catwalks around the outer perimeter, they remind me of those massive dump trucks that way.

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    The upside about a big engine is when it brakes its not to complicated, I mean if a car engines piston head brakes you have to take it apart. One of these you just open the piston, climb inside and fix it.

    The catwalks go inside as well as around.

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    They should be with the company in Germany at the end of this month. Not long now!

    I thought I'd share a piece of information which might not have made it to this board yet. The inventor of the Fabine is quite active in a German diaper board and is eagerly answering all sorts of questions. He cleared up a very interesting point about absorbency not long ago.

    The Fabine is advertised as a 4-litre diaper, and most people compared this to other diapers such as the Abena Abri-form M4, which is stated to absorb about 4 litre as well. According to the inventor of Fabine, the 4 litres are not comparable to the capacities stated by other manufacturers, because the test methods are different. All diaper manufacturers measure the capacity using the Rothwell test, that means soaking the diaper in water and weighing it. As superabsorber absorbs less urine than water, the 4 litres of an Abri-form are actually more like 1.5 litres at best. Not so the Fabine. The 4 litres are four litres of urine! In response to requests on the German forum, the inventor did a Rothwell test with the Fabine and it came up to 11 litres (!!!). As a cautious estimate he gives 2.7 litres of urine, but he says that 4 litres are well possible.

    According to all the advertisements, this diaper will not at all be comparable to anything else on the market, not even Dry 24/7. It really is like a Pampers for adults with loads of superabsorber. If this all turns out to be true, this is going to be the ultimate AB diaper. We shall be wiser in a few weeks time...

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    People who got test samples reported something around 2l to 2.5l real-life capacity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walex View Post
    People who got test samples reported something around 2l to 2.5l real-life capacity.
    They claimed a gallon at least, and that's ~3.8 liters. but I'm sure they're using "under ideal circumstances.

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    I notice that web site hasn't updated position in three days - the latest reading is from August 8. Did the ship stop? does that page update automatically or does someone have to login and post updates?

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    I'm looking to try them, but only after they've been shipping reguarly for awhile. I hate pre-ordering stuff and having no clue when it's going to show up. Not that I could pre-order now if I wanted to.

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    I would like to try them myself but also dont like to preorder and not know if and when they will be coming. I'll wait till I know when they will get here.

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