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Thread: Tesco Baby Essentials, size 6.

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    Post Tesco Baby Essentials, size 6.

    So, this morning instead of going for the usual, i fancied a bit of a change and went for the Tesco Baby essentials Nappies, size six, to my surprise these held a massive flood i had been saving just for this purpose, it did not fall to pieces, and they fit me without any adjustment. I think they are larger than Pampers size 6, and they perform pretty much the same. I took some photos just for you .
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Name:	IMG00002-20110709-1803.jpg 
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Size:	196.5 KB 
ID:	4981The front.
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Name:	IMG00003-20110709-1803.jpg 
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Size:	193.1 KB 
ID:	4983The Back

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Name:	IMG00004-20110709-1804.jpg 
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ID:	4984Look at the size of those tabs D':

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Name:	IMG00009-20110709-1805.jpg 
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Size:	193.9 KB 
ID:	4989The sticky things on this are the stretchy part, compared to Pampers where the sides stretch.
    Overall, i really do recommend getting these, as they are cheap, absorbent, and really roomy!
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Name:	IMG00010-20110709-1806.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00008-20110709-1805.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00006-20110709-1805.jpg 
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Name:	IMG00005-20110709-1804.jpg 
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    They sound good, two questions to ask tho.

    1) What size waist are you as i wonder if i could fit in these
    2) How much do these nappys cost

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    thanks for the info mate.

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    Well I know what I'm going to buy on Thursday!

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    Good call, I've been wondering about the Tesco's own brand, just hadn't yet got around to it.

    Cheers for the info dude

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    Wonder what size they fit up to? (and was wondering why no demo pics till I saw trev's edit...)

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    I've tried these before, but I didn't think they were as good as Pampers 6. Like, anything much more than a dribble and it went down the legs. And they didn't smell as nice...

    But yeah they are really cheap, and because Tesco has self-checkout are super-easy to buy!

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    itiis easy to buy, but for me, they seem to hold more than pampers, maybe that's just me?.

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    It really is down to waist size. I like them but no way would they fit me

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