so I was listening to iTunes on random--which I never do because I have so much music, some of which I don't like at all (I prefer to have albums to put songs in context, but that also means there are quite a few songs I don't like on my itunes)--and I found a school project/poorly executed book review I did for AP english class a couple years back. Idk why I'm sharing it with you guys :/ . I guess i find it a little bit funny and thought you might enjoy it too. It's not very good though, technically at least, because I didn't put too much effort into it and I was absolutely hammered.

From the description:
So this is a song that I did a couple years back for my AP English class. I am not a rapper at all, I'm a guitarist, I just thought this was a good idea under the circumstances (see paragraph below). It was one of my attempts at getting out of doing what I perceived as actual work by just doing what I love and writing music.

I decided to post this not because I think it's good, but because I find it absolutely hilarious that I recorded myself this drunk and actually turned it in for a school project. Oh high school :/ (I had my own place senior year)

I wrote the music on a guitar and put it out on guitar pro (if I did it on actual instruments that would be effort wouldn't it, and that's just not acceptable) and just used RSE to make it sound close to legitimate, though sterile. I got the gunshots from The Game's "My Life" by isolating them in Adobe Audition and imposing them over curse words in the lyrics (to give it more of a radio-rap feel to it).

I would post the lyrics but honestly I can't even remember them and I can't understand what I was saying either :p . I just know that I messed up several words (eg. the line moneygrubbers and masters is actually moneygrubbers and wasters) And btw: i only read the first twenty cantos; I was short on time (I liked it though so I went back and read it when I was done with the project). the copy I had came with maps and summaries of his travels and everything and I used that when I realized I couldn't read the whole thing and get this in on time--which is why this form of book review lacks any substance whatsoever.

NOTE: I used some generic "lake video" for the beginning because I couldn't figure out to submit a blank video with just music.

EDIT: as it turns out, my friends dad didn't die. He miraculously pulled through but by the time I knew about it I really didn't care about changing it. And I promise I know how to pronounce x's under normal circumstances . and note 1:47