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Thread: Guilty Pleasures, we all have them, what's yours?

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    Default Guilty Pleasures, we all have them, what's yours?

    I was wondering what everyone's guilty pleasures, non AB of course- My biggest two are Fairly Oddparents and SpongeBob Squarepants. Another, is old 80s prime-time soaps... Yeah I know, odd-man here.


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    A large chocolate shake or ebay. I am an ebay addict.

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    I read the first twilight book.

    but on a legit note on time warner digital cable on demand they have a kids music section with all sorts of videos (j biebs, kidz bop, whatever the hell kids are seeing in promos on nick and disney) and I absolutely love to watch them. They're hilariously stupid.

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    Whiskey.... single malts preferably
    and old crappy vampire movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingDog View Post
    A large chocolate shake or ebay. I am an ebay addict.
    I am the same way!!! I have bought most of what I have on ebay, including most of my clothes.

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    Chewing ice, sugar free pudding, and Taco Bell burritos

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    Dominican Cigars, and Monster Energy Drinks of all shapes and forms.....what???

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    Sunkist Orange Soda ... and buying accessories for my cameras with money I don't have.

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    Oh, and another one as I hold my stuffed killer whale on my lap- I collect stuffed Shamus off of eBay when I can afford them.


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    Well... Let's see:

    -Taco Bell
    -Kingdom Hearts
    -Pokemon TCG
    That's about it xD

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