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Thread: Favourite Pokémon?

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    Red face Favourite Pokémon?

    So I'm just sat here playing Pokémon on my Nintendo DS and I'm wondering, what's your favourite Pokémon character? I have a few: Charmander, Squirtle, Piplup and Totodile! But Charmander is my all time favourite, he's adorable ^^ Post below... :-)

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    i always loved Pikachu lol.

    i also like Jynx =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeartfeltMelody View Post
    i always loved Pikachu lol.
    Pikachu is cute :-)

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    Evee, Rilou, and Charmander are my favorites.

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    evee pichu charmander and mew

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    oh god how do i choose pretty much ever starter fire pokemon ive loved but based on appearence i like cydiquil (fire starter from kanto) and its evolution but based on preformance i like blazaken

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    Yay! Charmander FTW! And Evee is cute too!

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