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Thread: Thinking about buying cloth

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    Default Thinking about buying cloth

    Okay I love cloth diapers. I do. There is something about the feel of them that I like. Anyone got any advice for me? I want to wear 24/7 cloth only diapers.

    Are they really less absorbent then disposables and if so what does that mean to me? Anyone got any good sites that I can buy them from too that gives discrete shipping?

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    I recommend

    For advice, I'll start by pointing you toward the All About Cloth Diapers article here.

    From there, it's pretty comparable to being in disposables 24/7 mostly. You'll need to add plastic bags to your diaper bag to transport wet cloth, and you'll need bigger pants, as cloth does tend to be bulky. That said, it seems to me that a similarly thick cloth, if folded well, can hold similar amounts to an Abena or whatever. It might be a bit of difference, but it'll hold decently, anyway.

    I'm sure there's other stuff, but I'll start there, and if you think of something else I missed, let me know.

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