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Thread: How do I pin a cloth diaper

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    Default How do I pin a cloth diaper

    Everytime I try to pin it, it sags and it's all roomy inside.How do I fix it?

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    please excuse the terrible MSpaint diaper, but I don't have my mouse hooked up.

    Now keep in mind, the longer you wear a cloth diaper the more the material will stretch out. So if your wearing the same one for an extended amount of time no mater how epic you are with pins eventually you will have to re-pin.

    Also, it depends on type - What kind of cloth diaper are you using, pre-fold, contour, etc?
    And material - traditionally cloth is some type of cotton, some are birdseye cotton (also known in some stores as diaper terry/cotton), with a soaker of burley knit terry. If you using something else the material may be the issue.

    Assuming you are using a traditional prefold you might also try other folding patterns.

    I will normally pin mine starting with the red lines, slightly angled, tightened enough to hold itself up. The the blue lines, I usually run these parallel to my cloth, I use these as to bring up any excess cloth as well as ensuring a good covering area.

    That plus plastic pants and a onesie and I have no issues.

    Hope this helps

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    follow the directions here Folding a prefold :: Diaper Pages - Karen's Cloth Diapering Site they are for baby diapers but great for adults also get your self some toddler age snapies they fit adults just fine and are safer and easier than pins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asayuu View Post
    f toddler age snapies they fit adults just fine and are safer and easier than pins.
    mine snapped on me. plus they have a design flaw in how they grip. i opted instead to use mini-bungees; they work brilliantly, flex as you move and allow for quick removal/pulling down if you get caught short for a dump.
    they aren't pretty, but they work.

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    Yeah!This really helped.I didn't think I would use all 4 pins.I still think I don't have it all down.It leaks as soon as I wet but it really sacks when not wet.It's almost down to my knees.Is that bad?

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    Snappies work fine for me... As for pins you'll have to redo them. I put them in "vertically". You can try two on a side.

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    Part of the answer is actually what you wear over the nappy.

    There is a reason for onesies: wet nappies are heavy, and they will sag (because sooner or later the liquid will seep downwards). Put something underneath that is fastened and they have nowhere to go.



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    The answer that immediately sprang to mind was "carefully", but I think your problem is in the folding, rather than the pinning. There are lots of different ways to fold the square diapers that are common in the UK, not quite so sure about the rectangular ones that seem to be more popular in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuscan View Post
    but I think your problem is in the folding, rather than the pinning.
    Based on your last post, I agree with tuscan.

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    You said they leaked. You are wearing plastic pants, right? You have to with cloth if you are going to wet them. I use the angel fold. In fact, I wear small pre-fold and all I have to do is pin the corners to each other. I don't have a problem with sagging. I course I also wear plastic pants, which would keep them up and in place.

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