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Thread: Shuttle Atlantis launch... anyone else watch?

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    Default Shuttle Atlantis launch... anyone else watch?

    Anyone else watch the space shuttle launch today? I did when I got up today as I am a fan of the space shuttle... I remember the tragedy of the Challenger in '86 and the Columbia tragedy in '03.

    I will miss catching the occasional 4am launch after work or if I couldn't sleep.

    Sad to see the shuttle era end.


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    Saw it while I was working out today.

    Anyways, I get to see it in person (In the Orphanage RolePlay) w00t!

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    I'm rather ambivalent. On the one hand, it's the end of an era, but on the other, the Shuttle was from the very outset, a bastardised compromise between conflicting civil and military requirements, and never really lived up to its billing. I can't help but think that NASA would have got a lot more done if they'd stuck with the Saturn I & V. The Shuttle itself may have been reuseable, but the sheer cost of refurbishing it after each launch negated any meaningful savings. Mass-produced Big Dumb Boosters would probably have been a better idea. It's certainly worked for the Russians.

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    yup i love watching it from my back yard here on the space coast. God speed atlantis

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    I watched it at work during lunch and it was a pretty good launch. Too bad it has to end and I will miss the Space Shuttle program and wish it wasn't being done away with.

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    It was a great moment in American history that I choose to celebrate hiking rather than in front of a TV.

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    Well, there goes any chance of them using a roller coaster as a escape craft from the launching platforms. I heard they were seriously looking into that as well.

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