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Thread: Anyone changed what diapers they use.

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    Default Anyone changed what diapers they use.

    I was using depends sometimes they suck. Now I just use cloth it is better for not filling up the landfill. But thats not why I just like them better.

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    I use to use abu cushies all the time, i've switched to bambinos for more comfort ^^

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    Started with lame depends. Now im using Bambinos. Best decision ever but pricey

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    I started with Depends, transitioned to Bambinos, then they stop selling size small so I'm now at Abena. :P

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    I've changed diaper brands as much as I've changed diapers, it seems. Heck, right now I have Cushies, Dry 24/7, Bambinos, and el cheapo Attends in the diaper closet, as well as all the cloth and plastic pants and whatnot. I've also done Depends and other store brands, Tenas, both Euro and US, Tranquility, et cetera et cetera.

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    I've only changed cloth diaper brands, from Amazon ambiguous brand, to Leakmaster, night weight gauze, and birdseye.

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    Hmm, I have to say it. Please don't hate me.

    I change my diapers regularly.

    Khaymen ducks behind the couch and covers vital areas from harm in prep for thrown objects.

    OK, In all seriousness, even if I find some super diaper that meets all of my wants and needs, I would still want to use other brands. I think I have ten different brands represented in my cache at the moment.

    It is kind of like a diaper UN here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post

    It is kind of like a diaper UN here.

    And we should have a 'list the diapers you've tried' thread , but I used Bambinos as my first premium diaper, switched to Abena for cheaper costs and quicker shipping (XP Medical)... I've tried Molicares and Dry 24/7s since.. but I stand by Abenas. The drys didn't fit my body type well.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used to use the Molicare Super (the thin ones) until the design changed and got those goofy tapes that break all the time. But then I discovered that Attends are $39.99 for a case of 72. Since I don't like being wet for long periods of time, the Attends end up being a lot less expensive

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    I started with depends, they were easy to get and cheap, I only bought one case. After those, I tried Bambino, and then Molicare. Right now I use a combination of Bambino and Molicare, depending on my mood.

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