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Thread: What Is Occassional Wetting?

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    Question What Is Occassional Wetting?

    What is occassional wetting? I never heard this term before, but someone told me that I occasionally wet myself, but the doctor has already diagnosed me as urge incontinent. It doesn't happen occassionally it happens frequently, maybe the person does not have the full picture yet. Can you let me know what this is?


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    Urge incontinence = wetting due to sudden urge. If it doesn't happen every time you have to urinate, it's considered "occasional", even if it does happen a lot.

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    If it only happens when you're asleep, its "secondary nocturnal enuresis". Its when a person has an extended "dry period" at night (at least 6 months), and then reverts to nighttime wetting.

    As for it happening during the day, It might just be a weak bladder. I'm no doctor, but if I were you, I might wear some small protection (maybe just a soaker pad), and try and use the toilet more often to reduce the risk of that happening. As for a medical condition, you might want to consult a real doctor. :P

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    As in a lot of areas jargon and terminology are never exact and there are different shades of meaning in different countries and regions - I reckon some "experts" are like the character in "Alice through the Looking Glass" - ""When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

    The important thing is to not worry about the way things are described, but to make sure you take the kind of sensible actions suggested in earlier replies - and remember that an awful lot of IC sufferers experience a lot of changes in the condition and may never come to a really adequate description -people are all different.

    My take on "occasional wetting" is that it could just be a description of something that happens some but not all of the times you need to pee - it might be urge incontinence or some other causative factor, but if you are under medical care you can be reassured it is not something caused as a side effect of a dangerous condition and there are a number of treatment options that can/might/should help.

    Apart for a doctor's assessment you might be able to have help from a specialist continence nurse or adviser - these peope are often brilliant about helping us cope and have a lot of experience that can speed up the boost to self confidence we often need whan first facing I/C problems.

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