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Thread: I wanna hit this guys. Im sure you will too.

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    Default I wanna hit this guys. Im sure you will too.

    This guy is pretty fucking weird, your right. But realize that not all of us are. We all have something that gets us off, and being an abdl has nothing to do with little kids alright? Thats fucked up. And criticize me or troll me whatever, but realize I'm sane, straight, and just have a fetish. You give us a bad name.
    The quote above is a comment on the second vid

    Note to admins there is bad language in these vids if it need to be moved please do that for me

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    Im hardly Supprised. Just more Bad press, nothing new here really

    Im not at all Supprised they reacted the way they did. While They certainly are not right in doing what they did and are horribly inaccurate, I can hardly Find more fault with them then the people commenting, If you read some of it.
    As sad as it is to say more people think of it weird and creepy then understand it, and they are not alone in thinking what they do.

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    the AB in the second video is stanley he was on tabbo there was a thread about it a month ago. YouTube - ‪Stanley19802's Channel‬‏

    But still people dont understand that we are just people who have a fettish or people that regress due to troubbles or many other reason. They think we are wired or pedos.

    I would say something about those people but ill probally get banned.

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    The problem is no matter -what- publicity you get (good, or bad). No matter what... some people will have a negative opinion about you.

    Now, I have a very open mind (more so recently than prior). But even back then I didn't just judge something immediately on one thing I saw. Posting inaccurate material, or only the "extremes" shouldn't really be the only thing that happens though, some people are quite naive...

    But they should be if all they see is negative opinions/media.

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