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Thread: Random Censored Cartoons

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    when did the forum get a profanity filter?

    is there a way to turn it off per user?

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    Personally I find it odd that we can't type the words but we can use the same amount of random signs. Like when I do this ***** well its a 5 letter word so what could it be? Or this one **** well only two possible words come up in my mind.

    Anyways my point is we can't cuss on adisc yet we can do this stuff and people can tell what word your saying still even if its not spelled out. I know that some of the members here are still legally kids but this site is after all about diapers. I think kids who know about this sort of stuff know the most common bad words in the English language.

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    Kids know all the words, and say them all the time, when they think no one is listing, but they do get caught once in a while, so weather you type it half way out or use some form they know what your saying.

    When they watch or see a cartoon in the news paper eveybody just fills in there own words, it's just polite to use some sign to get around them.

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    I was just pointing out that the profanity filter must be new, because I never remember those words being turned into *'s before. Anyone want to shed some light on this?

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    Sorry about that, I just use **** because I figure younger guys are here, I didn't realize they did that here.

    But I do go to some story sites where that is done automaticly if you post words that are not acceptable by the site itself.

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