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    i tried to find what i was looking for but no luck with the terminology. i started in babydiapers (too big now) and im not a big fan of depends pull up. putting the diaper on the same way i did when i was a little tike was the best. so what are the types of diapers called? im looking for the wrap under the butt, and surround the legs and tape to secure type. haha a lot to type but im new. Also in USA so what would work? name brands or at wal-mart? im looking for a long weekend alone lots of free time. thanks.

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    I think you're looking for "fitted briefs", but I might be wrong. ._.

    So essentially you're looking for adult diapers with tapes? Depends Maximum Protection would be store-bought ones like that.

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    Anything with "fitted Breif" should do what your looking for

    Check the package when you get it too that should give you a diagram and some more information

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