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    So has anybody seen the new Transformers movie? After seeing it, what do you think about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Do you think she is better than Megan Fox ( in all ways) or is Megan still the queen of the transformers trilogy.

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    I thought Rosie was much more of a damsel in distress character. She isn't all that great of an actress either (even for the standards of Transformers movies). Megan Fox was spunky and could hold her own in the movies. In all honesty, all interaction between Shia Lebouf's character and Rosie's character seemed as if it was meant for Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf. Rosie kind of ruined the only real sense of humanity in this series.

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    I agree - although Megan's dismissal sounded reasonable, I get the feeling Rosie's character was quickly written into the film. Now I don't know whether it was Rosie's acting, or the character role, but she couldn't hold her own compared to Michaela's spunky personality!

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    I saw all 3 at the movies. I only saw the 3rd since me and my older brother were both bored and it was the best thing out we haven't seen.

    Anyways I like the new girl more then megan fox however they should of gone with Mila Kunis IMHO. She might not be the best female actor ever but she's come a long way from That 70's show. Plus rosie ripped a foot off a plushie, I cringed. But she actually did play a very big pivotal role in the movie with maybe about 5 lines. But granted she was just talking to a robot who was too stupid to see whats going on, not that it's a sunrise.

    Also, what the hell happened with starscream, did he take off mid movie again?

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    no Starscream died. i think Sam and Carly were trying to get to the pillars and stop Setinel then Starscream came in a started messing around with them, then Nest and all them started shooting at starscream all at one and sam put a bomb in his eye and when it blew up starscream died.

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