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    Question Easy-Sleeps

    Has anyone heard of Easy-Sleeps?? I believe they're the Safeway brand generic for Goodnites. Just curious if any of you have tried (or heard about...) them. I'm hopeful, but not too optimistic as to how they work, and I might give them a shot. I'll let you know if I do-


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    Unfortunately never heard of them - Safeway died in the UK in 2004 (taken over by Morrisons). So I guess (but wouldn't like to assume) that us UK lot aren't going to be of much help on this, sorry =/

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    I bought some several years ago to see what they were like compared to goodnites. They are the generic style, like Curity, Kroger store brand, and probably some others. I think they are somewhat smaller than goodnites, the padding does not rise up as high in the front and back as does goodnites. I thought Easy-Sleeps absorbed not quite as well and goodnites, but ok. Hope this helps.

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    I think all Generics are from the same manufactorer. if that Is true then Theyre just plane white goodnites.

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    Definitely a Goodnite rip-off.
    I still want to try CVS Sleep Comforts. They're really cute.

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    I think I have tried the Safeway generic Goodnites before, although I don't remember anything other than that. After trying several generics, however, I think that they are probably all made by the same manufacturer because they're VERY similar. Essentially, they're white Goodnites that are a little less stretchy than regular Goodnites but absorb about the same.

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    Yeah. The generics for anything (store brand merchandise) are usually the same company with a different label, and poorer quality control.

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    Thanks everyone! Sounds like it might not be worth the investment unless necessary....

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    I am actually wearing CVS sleep comforts.They are just white goodnites. Literally. I love them!

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