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    Is there anyone on ADISC that is a psychologist, or other mental health professional? Because my Mom won't believe me about being an AB, she says that she has to hear the information from a mental health professional. Is there anybody here (or even someone who knows someone who could help me out?

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    If your mother is insisting on seeing a mental health professional, then I doubt that she'd trust anyone from ADISC. She wants you to see one in real life. A stranger on the internet isn't likely to satisfy her.

    Don't go. Psychologists don't know much about paraphilic infantilism (ABDL). I went once with my mom, and I regret it.

    I'm no psychologist, but from what I understand, infantilism falls in with the uncategorized paraphilias in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Paraphilic infantilism is not classified as a mental disorder by itself. But, if a mental health professional can deduce that your infantilism is causing significant distress to yourself or those around you, then they can diagnose you as having a mental disorder. You don't want that.

    At best, they'll tell you it's a harmless paraphilia. At worst, they'll tell you it's a harmful paraphilic disorder that could lead to pedophilia. It's mostly up to the professional opinion of the psychologist. So, it won't help you to speak to a psychologist unless you have a good, open-minded one that listens to you.

    The problem is that your mother needs an authority figure to tell her what to think. She obviously doesn't trust your judgement or her own.

    Try showing her the ADISC article for family and friends. Alternatively, you could show her the wikipedia article on paraphilic infantilism. The ADISC article is written in a casual tone, while the tone of the wikipedia article is more clinical. Read them both yourself first before giving them to her to read.

    If you bring her to ADISC, make sure she doesn't see this thread, or she might reason-out your profile name. If she's having problems accepting it, then maybe you should drop it. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.
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    There was an academic conducting a survey - discussed here. You might be able to email him and discuss things that way?

    Other than that, I don't personally know of any professionals that are members on here - though someone may come along and prove me wrong.

    That said, I get the impression your Mom might want a professional to discuss it in person? There are plenty of stories on here from members who've been taken to therapy and the professional has pretty much validated it as acceptable behaviour.

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    Iīm not profesional, but I realized some studies about. Results: decepcioned. Why ? Not found something new (and donīt know why.) Personally I think that thereīs lot of worse things. Later... thereīs a lot of material wrote by profesionals about infantilism etc. Use uncle google.

    Not all weīre predators.

    Note: I lived with psycho three years, from there comes my worst life experience. But itīs OT

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    Unless you find a shrink with lots of sex stuff experience they probably won't know much about it. It's not something they learn about in school. But since you are 20 you might want to just tell your Mom to mind her own business.

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    Infantilism is actually not under NOS for the DSM-IV. It is listed under as being related to sadomasochism.

    However, I wouldn't advise a psychologist... You really don't want one. Tell her that if she is *going* to force you to go... Try to find a RESPECTABLE sex therapist. Or talk with your GP, there is a good chance your family doctor will let her know it's alright.

    Good luck.

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    If you want a personal experience...

    Once my wife-then-girlfriend found out about my AB side, she immediately wanted to go to counseling. The first one we went to was a graduate student who was studying to be a therapist. This was about our only option, since we were both in college at that point and therefore short on cash. We didn't talk much about it and the matter remained somewhat stuck in neutral.

    The second one I saw when we were out of school and working. I really liked this guy. He was a professional and while he admitted he hadn't studied the topic much, on his own time, he read into the subject. We both studied the psychology behind it and reached new conclusions and level of understanding. It was really a great delving into the matter for both of us. Most importantly, my wife went to many of those sessions and hearing a medical professional explain how it was really quite harmless really calmed her down. She no longer saw it as, "OMG! WHY IS MY HUSBAND BROKEN?!?" She began to see it as me discovering something inside me and coping with something that apparently needed my undivided attention.

    Now, since we moved, I am seeing a third therapist and she is actually quite aware and knowledgeable of it. It comes up every now and then, especially when my wife is there. Again, this is only further helping her, and, in turn, our relationship.

    Regardless of who you decide to seek help with, if they are trained and have credentials, they won't sit and judge you negatively. If anything, I think they would find it quite fascinating. Heck, I'm not versed whatsoever in the field of mental health and I find our little world quite fascinating ^_^ Just approach it maturely and frankly explain not just how you like to act out, but rather how it affects you emotionally and mentally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    But since you are 20 you might want to just tell your Mom to mind her own business.
    This. Emphatically.

    That said, so long as he/she is not a "Christian" counselor, and is relatively young (meaning they'd be more aware of such things), they probably will tell your mother the one thing she doesn't want to hear, which is that it's as normal as any other kink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython View Post
    Unless you find a shrink with lots of sex stuff experience they probably won't know much about it. It's not something they learn about in school. But since you are 20 you might want to just tell your Mom to mind her own business.
    Are you sure about them not learning about it in school? I went to a community college and took a Human Sexuality class where we discussed Paraphilic Infantilism for almost a whole class period, and there were questions on the final. Just saying, I'm pretty sure some of them do know about it.

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