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    I'm 16, male, name is Matt. i'm new to this Teen baby stuff and i actually had a hard time accepting myself as one. I'm not a diaper wearer although I'm thinking about it as soon as I move out. But i am a paci sucker. I don't do it anymore because i've been caught one too many times sucking on one. But my teen/adult baby life will be in full swing when I move out on my own. I am single and plan on being single til after college, but that's for later ( besides this isn't a dating site.) A little confession, i am a straight male, but i like pink pacifiers the most. So please, i need other people to be friends.

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    Heyy, welcome to the site. What's wrong with pink pacis? Colour is irrelevant.

    I hope you enjoy it here. What do you like besides the obvious? Music, hobbies, sports ect.

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    I listen to almost any kind of music, mostly techno. I like writing short stories when i'm in the creative mood. currently i have about 10 writing projects, some range from only one book to trilogies to an entire series. i plan on being a successful author one day. i mostly like hanging out with friends ( all my friends are non TB/AD/DL and no one i know doesn't know this deep secret. which made it hard for me to accept myself as it. i also like astronomy and one day i want to go in space. ( i live on the space coast, so my love for astronomy is great).

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